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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Aquaman (Vol.8) #40 - May 2015


Comics Weekend "Maelstrom Part 6" by Jeff Parker, Paul Pelletier, Sandra Hope, and more.

"Maelstrom" goes out with a bang (several, actually) and starts off with the volcano god known as Karaku descending upon Aquaman, Mera, and the rest:


Atlanna refuses to retreat ("I don't know that direction!"), so her son steps in to help save her life. Unfortunately, he can't do the same for Dr. Evans, who is grabbed by one of the Fire Trolls and is mortally wounded. Aquaman pauses in the fight to speak to Evans as he dies, which gives Karaku an opportunity:


Atlanna still insists that this man is not her son, and is so busy protesting she doesn't immediately notice the thunderous booms that are getting louder and louder. They are caused by Mera, who is using all of her might to form a water creature equal in size to Karaku and do battle, just as Atlanna spirits Aquaman away from further harm:


Karaku falls, crumbling into pieces. As Aquaman and Mera comfort one another, Atlanna is truly impressed at their strength, power, and heroism. But she still denies parentage, and is there to defend her land from these Atlantean interlopers. It's here that Aquaman plays his last, most impressive card: summoning the creatures of the sea:


This finally convinces Atlanna of the truth. With that, Aquaman promises that simple acknowledgment was all he wanted, and he prepares to leave his mother in peace. Using the maelstrom, Atlanna sends her son and the rest back home, with Aquaman promising that world will be left alone.

Suddenly a light flares, and Aquaman's trident--which he left behind--comes through, with Atlanna's signet hooked around it. It communicates with him telepathically that with the signet, his sovereignty will no longer be in doubt to the people of Atlantis:


...The End!

And with that triumphant moment, Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier's extraordinarily successful run on Aquaman comes to a close. As has been discussed before, we wish they could have continued on the book, since they seemed to pull off what seemed impossible: follow Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado. But Parker and co. managed to take the reigns of this book and simultaneously build upon what was there previously while also making their own unique mark on the character. I've heard more than one Aquaman fan say that this era of the Sea King is already their all-time favorite.

The Aquaman Shrine wishes Jeff Parker, Paul Pelletier, and the rest of the team nothing but success on their next projects. We've seen writers and artists come and go: some good, some bad, some great. The last year and half or so of Aquaman has never been anything but a blast to read, something truly to look forward to each and every month.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next. Cullen Bunn, Trevor McCarthy, you have quite a high bar to clear!


Marcial said...

Is in this kind of stories where Aquaman excels! A epic adventure through land and sea and different worlds, Aquaman is the ultimate adventurer in the DC universe, Parker and Pelletier will be missed, his was one of the best Aquaman run's

(P.S: sorry for the grammar!)

Straight To DVD said...

It was my favourite issue of Parker's run. Sadly, it's also his last (to date)

Straight To DVD said...
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