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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Aquaman Episode 24 - The Sea Scavengers

Aquaman Episode 24 - "The Sea Scavengers" by Oscar Bensol

Aquaman and Aqualad are reading a sinister message received at a oil rig just off the coast of Texas. It comes from someone named The Sea Scavenger, who demands the rig be removed or it will be destroyed. Under the surface, Tusky and the seahorses see a giant robot piloted by Scavvo and his henchmen, ready to rip the rig from its moorings!
The robot does just that, causing the rig to crash. After Aquaman gets the rig's foreman to safety, he and Aqualad chase after the robot. It turns out that the rig is close to Scavvo's hideout where he stores all his stolen loot, and doesn't want anyone snooping around.

The giant robot is quite fearsome, with razor-sharp starfish and missiles that shoot from its fingers. Aquaman and his finny friends help immobilize it, so Scavvo and his men head out to deal with the Sea King personally. They fire compressed air bubbles at Aquaman and Aqualad, which knock our heroes around a bit. Scavvo and his men then take off, heading back to their hideout.

Scavvo activates a giant heat cannon, aiming it at the ocean. Aquaman uses his powers to create a tidal wave which crashes over the cannon, destroying it. Aqualad grabs Scavvo's men, and Scavvo himself falls in the most humiliating manner possible:
With Scavvo and his men trussed up, Aquaman declares its time to take them to the authorities. Which means this case has reached...The End!

Scavvo's plan is dubious from the start--if, in all the time it took to plan, build, and staff the oil rig no one has found his hideout, why worry about it now? I bet he could have just kept going on his merry way and no one would have been the wiser.

Scavvo's robot is fun and would have made a great Shogun Warriors-esque toy. I guess I'll never really get over the idea there wasn't a tie-in toyline for the Aquaman show...


Earth 2 Chris said...

Scavvo would be a lot more intimidating if he didn't wear women's undergarments on his head.

Love the purple eye shadow though. Aquaman hanging-ten on a torpedo is a nice visual!


Anthony said...

Noticed a new sea creature showing up for Aquaman's summons---footage of an orca(?), though it doesn't actually help out (just the usual marlins, whales, etc.).

As for Aquaman "hanging ten" on a torpedo, this *was* the mid-to-late 60s, when the surfing craze was at its peak... :-p

Imagine the still-the-minority of households that had color TVs liked the purple eyeshadow too.