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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Aquaman Episode 23 - The Devil Fish

Aquaman Episode 23 - "The Devil Fish" by ?

Aquaman and Aqualad get a message about some trouble, which is arriving via dolphin courier. Aquaman heads out, and uses a flashlight to signal he is there. Waiting for him is test pilot Mark Bartholomew, piloting an experimental seacraft known as The Devil Fish. The Navy has asked Aquaman to watch out while the ship does its test trials.

Neither Aquaman or Bartholomew realize that they are being spied upon by one of Black Manta's Manta Men, who takes this news back to his boss.
Black Manta takes one look at the Devil Fish and declares he must have it. While one of its runs, the ship is caught by Black Manta's paralysis ray. Bartholomew calls for help, and Aquaman and Aqualad are attacked by a horse of Manta Men!

Bartholomew tries to help out by chasing after Manta's ship into a whirlpool, despite Aquaman telling him not to. Bartholomew is knocked out, and the ship is dragged to a dock where Black Manta tries to kidnap him. Aquaman and Aqualad follow, dealing with the Manta Men by being faster and smarter:
Bartholomew wakes up and pilots the Devil Fish into one of the dock's stone pillars, causing it to collapse. He then takes off on Aquaman's orders, who commands some whales to knock a giant boulder into the entrance of Manta's hideout. Bartholomew and the Devil Fish are now safe, Black Manta has been stopped, which means we've reached...The End!

There's a lot of fun stuff here, from Aquaman's first meeting with Bartholomew (which takes place at night, a nice touch), to all the different ways Aquaman and Aqualad take care of the Manta Men. They are a generally hapless bunch, but as presented here Black Manta is barely more competent. Visually they're a blast to watch in action, because they're just so creepy looking.

For some reason, this episode features no writing credit and I couldn't find it anywhere online. Let's just say this was the work of Bob Haney and call it a day!


Anthony said...

Yeah, odd there's no writing credit...

Lots of fighting this week's episode. While I can see why the parents' groups were upset about violence in kids' shows of the day, kids at the time must've loved it. :-p

Earth 2 Chris said...

Man, those Manta Men get more disturbing each time I see them. BRRR!!!


Anonymous said...

I really like this one. You've got a nice change of pace, with a tie to the outside (surface) world for Aquaman, and Manta is always a good villain.