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Monday, February 09, 2015

Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume XXVI

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: WHO'S WHO: THE DEFINITIVE PODCAST OF THE DC UNIVERSE, Volume XXVI

We conclude our first "season" of the WHO'S WHO podcast by taking a look at Volume XXVI, discussing characters such as Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, The Zoo Crew, Angel & The Ape, Guy Gardner, and more! We wrap up the show with Listener Feedback!

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Xum Yukinori said...

Fantastic “mid-series finale”, gentlemen. Thank you for allowing me to make a small contribution to it.

Some random comments:

Letters page: I thought that the “Pat Broderick Charlton Heroes poster” may have been the same image used in this house ad, which looks a little like Broderick may have penciled it:


However, I am not entirely sure because the signature in the lower right corner reads “J B Higgins”, which means artist-colorist John Higgins. Whether Mr. Higgins painted over Pat Broderick’s artwork or did this piece entirely by himself is anyone’s guess… unless anyone else can confirm?

Wizard: The “woman with the dice on her…” um… well, she is named Hazard, and she is indeed the granddaughter of the Golden Age JSA villain the Gambler. As I recall, she had “probability altering” powers similar to a certain Marvel Comics character… a witch clad in scarlet (the name escapes me at the moment…). She and the other young villains in the surprint is part of the Wizard’s “new” younger Injustice Society created specifically to take on Infinity Inc.

Wonder Girl: Not to get pedantic, but the small figure of Wonder Girl pushing the “PĂ©rez rubble” is in her then-current costume (notice the star pattern in the top) and not her original costume, when her hair would have been in a ponytail.

Wonder Woman I: The story of Princess Diana buying nurse Diana Prince’s identity and credentials actually happened in Sensation Comics #1 (1942). This also happened in the history of the Earth One Wonder Woman (as chronicled in DC Special Series #19: a “Secret Origins” digest). Fun fact: the Earth One Diana Prince married a man named Dan White, and their son, Marvin White, is the same Marvin from the Super-Friends Wendy and Marvin duo…

Wonder Woman of Earth One: Thank you again for including this in your show. One interesting item of note is that when Steve Trevor was resurrected as Steve Howard, he actually knew Wonder Woman’s secret identity until he was killed (again). I omitted that detail due to space constraints, and my need to minimize the risk of this piece turning into a Steve Trevor of Earth One entry…

Oh, and her and Steve's marriage by Zeus is only legally recognized in the state of California...

Wonder Woman II: Regarding Shag’s question about post-Crisis Steve Trevor: he was actually a bit older than Diana, and he became romantically involved with, and later married, post-Crisis Etta Candy.

Wotan: If it helps, his name was pronounced “WHOA-tan” in the Young Justice animated series.

Guy Gardner: FYI, the “other dimension” Guy was thrown into by the power battery explosion was originally the Phantom Zone, but the Crisis changed that particular bit of history…

Knodar: I think the reason Knodar’s fedora and domino mask works is the same reason it works for… the Spirit!

Neutron: Ross Andru drew four other Who’s Who volume one entries: the Metal Men, Signalman, Son of Vulcan, and S.T.A.R. Labs.

The 1000: Extant was indeed Monarch, who used to be Captain A… I mean… Hawk… (somehow...)

Xum Yukinori said...

Nubia: Not to “spoil the magic” for Rob, but I actually came up with the pose of the main figure for this piece, taking a Don-Heck-drawn head from a panel from Wonder Woman #206 and drawing the body in the best Don Heck style I could muster… I also created the logo using a Greco-style typeface.

Also, Rob, what you thought was Zeus in the surprint was actually Mars taking the baby Nubia from Hippolyta. This was a composite of two cleaned-up panels that were also from Wonder Woman #206.

Golden Age Aquaman: I am very glad you liked this entry, Rob. My wife Namiko laughed so hard at your “I want to take this listing behind the school and get it pregnant” comment, which I will interpret as high praise indeed.

BTW, my Weather Wizard “That oughta do it” aside was actually a nod to WW’s running gag line in his appearances on the “Legends of the Super-Heroes” TV specials.

And thank you, gentlemen for bestowing upon me the Yellow Dot Lifetime Achievement award. I suppose I should get started on the Human Flying Fish and Satin Satan custom entries so I can be truly deserving of this honor…


Lucien Desar said...

Congratulations Rob & Shag for a monumental achievement! I have to say the Who's who podcast is enormously entertaining. I wish DC would consider coming out with a new series of it in the current DC universe.