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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Aquaman Episode 17 - Where Lurks The Fisherman!

Aquaman Episode 17 - "Where Lurks The Fisherman!" by Bob Haney

After weeks and weeks of fighting nefarious--if generally incompetent--alien invaders, Aquaman tangles with one of his comic book baddies, The Fisherman!
The Fisherman's plan is pretty good, at least as these things go: he sneaks into the AquaCave, planting a bomb inside a remote control. When Aquaman and Aqualad return to their HQ, the bomb will go off, killing them both, leaving Atlantis ripe for the taking! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Unfortunately for The Fisherman, Tusky notices the remote control looks like it's out of place, and grabs it. He carries out of the AquaCave, where it explodes without harming anyone. The Fisherman thinks the plan has worked, and heads for Atlantis, attacking it with a series of missiles!

He is, to say the least, perturbed when Aquaman and Aqualad show up to deflect the bombs. He then sends out his nightmarish Hammerhead Men (seriously, these guys look like they stepped out of Nightbreed) to attack our heroes. Aquaman and Aqualad make short work of them, so The Fisherman tries a more direct attack, using a razor-sharp anchor:
Aqualad is knocked out, and Aquaman finds himself entangled in The Fisherman's line which is "tougher than steel." Aquaman then calls a giant clam to snap the line, causing The Fisherman to then try a giant net. One of Aquaman's finny friends grabs the net, dragging it over The Fisherman, and dragging him off a cliff. The fish returns alone, and Aquaman and Aqualad assume that The Fisherman is dead. But little do they know he has survived, vowing revenge! The End!

This is one of my favorite episodes of the series, simply for the novelty of Aquaman taking on a villain from the comics, and not just another band of goofy, squat aliens. As presented here, The Fisherman is no more effective (and his bare-legged outfit does not instill fear), but I've always thought Aquaman needs a beefier Rogues Gallery, so it's cool when one of them shows up no matter what the circumstance.


Joseph Brian Scott said...

Looks like they went with a quasi-Roman Centurion design for the Fisherman's animated incarnation, passing on the more marine animalesque helmet from the comics.

Those hammerhead helpers are indeed bizarre! Even moreso than Black Manta's manta men.

This is one of the few cartoon eps I haven't seen.

BlUsKrEEm said...

Blech! Fisherman. I actually forgot to wacth my weekly episode sunday, but given it's this one maybe I'll skip it. :)