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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Aquaman and the Others #9 - March 2015

Comics Weekend "Alignment: Earth, Part 4" by Dan Jurgens, Lan Medina, Allen Martinez, and Matt Milla.

One of the spirits inside Prisoner of War has taken control of his body and is now exacting his revenge on the man who he says murdered him, The Operative:
What follows is a nasty, hand-to-hand battle, and The Operative manages to reclaim the upper hand, using Prisoner of War's own manacles against him. As The Operative begins to choke the life out of his opponent, Ya'Wara wakes up and interrupts the fight.

This allows Prisoner of War to escape, and The Operative calmly returns to the original mission, which was to track down the loose nuke codes stolen by Mayhem (last issue). As Prisoner of War meets with KGBEast and NKVDemon out in the hills, The Operative explains to Ya'Wara that the man he killed was a Soviet plant, a traitor.

Meanwhile, on the moon, Vostok learns about his true origins via a computer file, detailing how he is just one of a series of clones, raised in different situations as a sort of twisted experiment. He is met by two other members of Mayhem, who once again try and talk Vostok into joining them. He seems conflicted...

Back on Earth, The Others meet back up with Aquaman (finally!), their mission to change the nuke codes completed:
...to be continued!

I like how the cover is an old school cheat, showing Aquaman involved in the Prisoner of War/Operative fight, when of course no such thing happens in the comic. This issue features Aquaman's briefest appearance to date, which is understandable from a dramatic context--but I still say I found a little frustrating. I want more Aquaman in Aquaman and the Others, especially since we now know there are only two issues left in the series. Speaking of, I wonder just how upset Mera's going to be upon learning that Ya'Wara's been shot, considering their touchy relationship.


Last year we launched an Aquaman and the Others contest, which kind of had the wind taken out of its sails when the series' cancellation was announced. But we do have a winner! This amazing photo comes from F.O.A.M.er Jeff Petersen, who braved the bitter New Jersey cold to snap this Aqua-Selfie:

Congrats Jeff, you are the winner of a copy of the Aquaman and the Others trade paperback, signed by Dan Jurgens. And for Neptune's sake, get inside!


Darrin said...

Wow Jeff! Great photo and congratulations on winning. Very much deserved.

Anonymous said...

I hope Ya'Wara is dead... but characters with guns in movies, TV, video games and comic books can't aim for shit... for some reason shooting someone in the head is too hard...