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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Aquaman Episode 13 - The Onslaught of the Octomen

Aquaman Episode 13: "The Onslaught of the Octomen" by Oscar Bensol

While exploring, Aqualad and Tusky discover a highly sophisticated secret city run by Octomen. He is dragged in front of the race's leader, who wants to lure Aquaman to their city so he can learn the Sea King's secret of communicating with ocean life.

Aqualad sends a distress call to Aquaman, who fends off the first attack by the Octomen and helps free Aqualad.
But soon they are overwhelmed, and both are put in front of the Octomen's leader. He demands to know how Aquaman commands his finny friends, so the Sea King gives him a demonstration, calling a small army of sea creatures to help fight the approaching Octomen!

After the battle is over, the head Octoman tries something else--via a machine, a giant Octoman composed entirely of electricity is created, and sent to attack Aquaman and Aqualad.
While Aquaman fights the creature, Aqualad sets the machine to full power, overloading it. It explodes, causing a chain reaction leading to the destruction of the entire city. The End!

This episode is unique in that Aquaman actively pursues a strategy that will kill the bad guys, and so it does. The animators threw in some nice bits, like the extreme lighting effect on Aquaman and Aqualad as the city explodes. The establishing shot of the Octomen army is also pretty cool--draped in shadow, they look pretty fearsome.

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Anthony said...

So the show could have a whole episode about "Octomen", and a regular octopus, but no Topo? :-p