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Friday, November 07, 2014

Random Panel of the Day #1130



Anonymous said...

Yay for seahorse riding! I can't get enough of the Aqua-Family riding underwater equines.

r duncan said...

Too bad Mera's seahorse never got a name.

(Future contest idea, Rob???)

Earth 2 Chris said...

Aquaman's seahorse on Super Friends was usually purple, so maybe he borrowed Mera's and left Storm at home?


rob! said...

"To the Kelp Fields!" just didn't have the same snap as "Great Guardians" or "By the Power of Greyskull!" Keep working on it, Arthur!

Earth 2 Chris said...

I was always partial to "Great Neptune!"


Anonymous said...

"Great Neptune!" is a pretty good exclamation. It's better than Aqualad's "Holy Hagfish!" ;)

We DEFINITELY need to do a contest for Mera's seahorse, Rob!

For my own projects, I've settled on the name of "Thetis," the Greek sea goddess. That seemed rather fitting for Mera's mount.