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Friday, November 07, 2014

Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered

Last week, Cartoon Network aired the brand-new special Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered, featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and...Aquaman!

Batman helps foil a diamond heist orchestrated by The Joker, The Penguin, and Man-Bat, which is interrupted by the Man of Steel. He's there to ask the blocky Dark Knight Detective to join the newly-formed Justice League, something Batman could not be less interested in. But before the whole case can be wrapped up, the diamond and Superman disappear!

Batman heads back to the BatCave, where he ignores Alfred's suggestion that he join the team, instead preferring to go a long monologue about how he is a Grim Avenger of the Night, who can only work alone. Meanwhile, the other members of the Batman Family show up for beverages, putting the lie to Batman's self-serious protestations--one of many great gags to be found in this show.
Superman's disappearance kicks off the case, which leads Batman to go find the other members of the team where they square off against bad guys. Him and The Flash versus Captain Cold, him, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman against Luthor, and him and Aquaman versus Black Manta!
Each team-up ends the same way: with the hero disappearing, leaving Batman all alone. This forces Bats to head to the last place he wants to go: the Hall of Justice!
It's here Batman finds who is behind this crazy adventure, which leads to he and the entire JLA squaring off against all the bad guys we saw previously. The heroes use teamwork, as is their wont, leading to the entire matter being resolved.
Batman decides to join the Justice League, if only to keep an eye on the Man of Steel, whom he calls "the alien." This leads to Batman having a good, hearty laugh, which sorta creeps out the rest of the team. The End!

I really, really enjoyed Batman Be-Leaguered. The characterizations are informed heavily by the versions we saw in Batman: Brave and the Bold, something I have zero problem with. Aquaman is voiced by actor Dee Bradley Baker, who also did the honors for Man-Bat. He's cocky and brave, and looking for adventure. Since I loved the BBATB version so much, I'm glad to see it brought back here.

The adventure is a classic JLA story, but leavened with gags right out of the classic Warner Bros. cartoons of the 1940s (there's a sequence with Flash trying on different country's local attire that genuinely made me laugh out loud). All the heroes get something to do, and little bits of characterization that I found quite charming. More of these, please!

You can watch the entire show on Cartoon Network's website, and the Shrine suggests you do!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Thanks to the fine folks at Turner and Dish Network, I missed out on this, since they couldn't agree on a contract, and Turner pulled most of their channels! So online I will go!

Sounds fun!


r duncan said...

DVRed it. Fun show.

Unknown said...

My son and I both loved this. It definitely works on multiple levels. The "Batman is a loner" was hilarious.

James Chatterton

Orin's dad said...

Orin and I both loved this too. It was such a fun show. I saw John Dimaggio's name in the credits... I wonder why they didn't have him voice Aquaman again like he did in BTB&TB?

Hope they do many more of these!

Bleak said...

I wish Aquaman played as much of a role in the new Lego Batman game. Once again he's relegated to guest star status as Robin takes his place in the League.