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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Aquaman and the Others: Future's End #1 - Nov. 2014

Comics Weekend "The Other" by Dan Jurgens, Sean Chen, Mark Irwin, and Matt Mila.

Two of The Others, Prisoner of War and Aaron, are attacked by the Dead King, only to be interrupted by:
Using his trident, the Dead King knocks Vostok's helmet off, rendering him unconscious. Ya'Wara arrives to rescue him, leaving their opponent to don the helmet himself.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis, former lovers Aquaman and Mera talk through a set of prison bars, discussing how far apart they've come in such a short time:
With Aquaman "missing", The Others are left to fend for themselves and go after the Dead King to get Vostok's helmet back. In the battle, The Operative takes a knife in the stomach, while Aquaman calls on a finny friend to help him escape his enforced incarceration.

The Dead King, now aligned with Mera, demands to have the Atlantean key returned to him. Aquaman arrives, giving Aaron time to collect all the Atlantean relics, who grabs the scepter and ends this whole thing once and for all, by separating the Dead King's head from his shoulders:
...not the end!

While still skeptical of this whole "event", I enjoyed this installment. Aquaman and Mera's big scene is well done; even though they're at odds, it's nice to see them speak to one another as former lovers--there's still that affection and respect there, despite all that has happened.

I also liked Sean Chen and Mark Irwin's art quite a bit, it has a simple, streamlined look that I think wears well on The Others. I hope this isn't the last time we get to see them on an Aqua-title!


r duncan said...

IMO, a very generous review. ;)

David J. Cutler said...

While I welcome more Sean Chen on Aquaman, I have to say I hope this is the last we see of Aquaman's Future's End costume :P

David J. Cutler said...

That said if they make a toy of it you know I'm there. #easymark

M W Gallaher said...
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