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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Aquaman and the Others #5 - Sept. 2014

Comics Weekend "Legacy of Gold Part V" by Dan Jurgens, Lan Medina, Allen Martinez, and Matt Milla.

When last we left them, Legacy was looming over The Others and their leader, Aquaman, who is gravely ill from taking a trident in the gut:
Meanwhile, up on the moon (a phrase you only ever get to see in comics), a newly-revived Vostok goes into a rage, attacking Ya'Wara. She tries to calm him down, but that doesn't work, so she does what Vostok's ghost mentioned to her: that his mask his needs to returned to its "proper place"--namely, his noggin! This works, and suddenly the Vostok she knew is back.

Back at the castle, Legacy decides to put an end to Aquaman once and for all, by choking him to death while the Atlantean "toys" are transformed. Aaron tries to step in, but it stopped by Sayeh, because she knew what was coming:
Most of The Others want Aquaman transported to a hospital, but Sayeh says it cane be done here. Ya'Wara is skeptical, but goes along with it, while The Operative thinks this is all crazy. They teleport to another part of the castle that contains the mysterious "Pool of Visions." Ya-Wara goes after Darya, with Sayeh throwing Aquaman in. Does it work?
Downstairs, The Operative puts a few slugs into Anton, which enrages Legacy. But before he can get revenge, Aquaman arrives, back at full strength, pounding at him long enough to then do to Legacy with his trident what was done to him. Legacy turns into a cloud of dust.
The team then returns to the Ghost Lands, where Kahina and Vostok's clone are there waiting for them. Their work now done, they are free to move on to their final destination:
After a whole issue of lying around like a bump on a log, I was of course happy to see Aquaman back in the action, and deliver the final blow (a couple, actually). Art-wise, that big two-page spread of Vostok showing up reminded me of the great splashes Reis/Prado/Reis used to do during their run on Aquaman, and that's always a good thing. And I love the last panel, with the whole team standing there, like the Super Friends used to do. Fun stuff.

The one thing I didn't like is, after a five-issue story, I was hoping we'd get to see smaller, shorter Others stories, but instead we (and the team) and being thrown into yet another multi-issue crossover. This team is just getting started, I don't think a "Will the Others survive?" storyline is right for this moment in the book's history. But we'll see I guess.

I just realized the cover gives away the end of the book. D'oh!

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Craig MacD. said...

I think the Future's End issue is one you could skip if you wanted to since it takes place five years in a possible future. According to the description for the first trade of this series on Amazon, it collects issues #1-6. If that's accurate than issue #6 is probably a stand alone tale before a new arc kicks off in #7.