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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Detective Comics #299 - Jan. 1962

Comics Weekend "Aquaman's Secret Teacher" by Jack Miller(?) and Nick Cardy.

It's Adventure Sunday!

Fresh off fighting the Fire Trolls in Aquaman #1--the first title the Sea King headlined in his then-twenty-year history in comics--Aquaman swam back to Detective for his penultimate adventure:
Mabel once again scolds her Grandpa for telling "tall tales", and once again he claims there's no harm done. But, suddenly, the real life Aquaman and Aqualad walk onto the beach!

The local kids are dying to hear from the heroes about their adventures with Captain Bean. When pressed, Aquaman is momentarily nonplussed, but a knowing wink to Aqualad suggests he understands what's happening. Then:
...and so ends another adventure for Aquaman and Aqualad!

A very charming adventure this time out, with a tremendous art job from Nick Cardy. In particular I love this panel from page four, where it's clear Aquaman is bemused by all this:
On another note, I love that DC ran an ad for Aquaman #1 right at the end of this story, a perfect piece of marketing: "Hey kids, you like Aquaman, right? Well, here's a whole book!" You've got my twelve cents, DC!

After this story, Aquaman appeared in Justice League of America #9 (the classic origin issue), then returned to Detective Comics for his last appearance in the title. Be here next week!

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Anthony said...

Noticed several instances of Arthur being called the "Sea Sleuth" here. Guess it fits in with this being "Detective Comics."

Liked how in the old sea captain's tall tales he looked much younger, but Aquaman didn't age a day. :-p

Elsewhere among the JLAers...

Re: Batman: the Dynamic Duo are abducted to a distant planet to serve as prey for alien hunters' pleasure.