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Friday, April 11, 2014

Aquaman Letter of the Week

(Aquaman #60, March 1978 )


Andy Luckett said...

Aaaand editorial decisions like that are partly to blame for Aquaman's perceived "lameness". Why would DC want to severely limit his powers so much?

It would take decades for him to be consistently shown with all of the abilities John Persky alluded to in his letter.

Sometimes it works better when those in charge listen to their fans' desires rather than telling them what they want. Just my two cents.

KJ Sampson said...

Meanwhile, Superman and Batman don't get ANY limits to THEIR respective powers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there we go. Andy said it well. DC just irrationally handicapped one of their biggest characters for years. What the heck is the rationale for that? It makes no sense!

Russell said...

Poor Aquaman, he was definitely the Rodney Dangerfield of the DCU during this time....:-(

Michael Holloway said...

Aquaman deserves all the powers that John Persky talks about and more. I also agree that Aquaman should hacve exceptional hearing because he can hear underwater so well, he would have to hear just a well as Superman on land.

Michael Holloway said...

Apologies for typos, I sometimes type too fast.

This reminds me of a movie with Esther Williams where her manager tells the auditioner that she swims and types. After the swimming audition, the auditioner wants to know when she types...UNDERWATER!

I wonder if Aquaman or Mera can type underwater. I bet Topo can, with all eight tentacles!