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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

#1s With A Bullet



Joe Slab said...

Awesome post & what a great way to commemorate a new *additional* Aquaman title debuting today!

Joe Slab said...

What are FOAMers top 3 Aquaman #1's?

Mine would be (in no particular order) 1962, 2003 and 2011 with an honorable mention to Brightest Day #1 which was the first book to feature Aquaman & Mera drawn by Reis & Prado and kicking some serious pirate butt!

Earth 2 Chris said...

The water hand one is a powerful image, but to me says nothing about Aquaman.


Unknown said...

Am I the only one now with an urge to go back into my collection and re-read all these?

Joseph Brian Scott said...

@Joe, those are some tough choices to make. I'm tempted to put TEMPEST first, if only because I had my copy signed by Mr. Jiminez, but it's also a neat composition; however, I really, really, dig the cover to the first issue of the Pozner/Hamilton mini; so cool. And then there's the striking "display cabinet" cover for the '89 mini; though I don't harbor any particular affection for the series itself, that Dave DeVries cover has always been an intriguing fave. Almost seems like it could have been a SANDMAN cover with Aquaman guest-starring.

Oh vell. I guess those are my three, with the Hamilton cover first.

Max said...

My faves must deffinitely be 1994's peter david's, emperor aquaman and 2011's

Diabolu Frank said...

My takeaway is that Aquaman has not had great luck with series launch covers. Nothing about his Showcase and initial series covers say "this is a brand new thing that you have to get!" '89 would have been a much homaged classic in 1962, but not when it was actually published. Time & Tide was a weak juxtaposition and the Egelund was a weak sauce Quesda riff. Even Kevin Maguire and Ivan Reis provide excellent second issue covers, but lesser debuts. Craig Hamilton's is the most truly iconic, I've always liked the Devries, and The Others are solid.