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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Power Records Podcast, Episode 4: Captain America!

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: THE POWER RECORDS PODCAST, Episode 4

Just in time for the release of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER comes this bonus episode of THE POWER RECORDS PODCAST, where Chris Franklin (aka Earth-2 Chris) and I talk about the Captain America and Falcon audio adventure "And A Phoenix Shall Arise!"

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The Daily Superman Podcast said...

YAY! A Power Records Special! I love these things! This episode was so good I had to listen to it twice! I’ll be heading to Captain America The Winter Soldier tomorrow, what a great well timed tie-in episode!

It surprises me how much Captain America got shafted in the 70′s, only 1 Power Record and only 1 Treasury Edition? What the hell was Marvel doing? He was one of the few characters to get a movie, let alone two movies at the time, you’d think that he must have been fairly popular, why not cash in on the sales with more Cap Power Records and Treasuries?

And speaking of his not so great movies, those things are train wrecks but man do I love them. You can’t devote your entire attention span to them, but they’re great background entertainment when you’re around the house drawing or reading. They’re still entertaining in awfulness, almost as much so as the Dolph Lundgren Masters of the Universe and Punisher Movies, which I also own on DVD. I have yet to track down the 1990 Cap movie, I see that it’s been released on Blu-Ray, I refuse to pay $20 for it, so I rented it tonight and am watching it now.

Man Cap really is a debbie downer in this adventure, definitely an odd choice for them to select the single Cap story they’re going to cover. You’d think issue #100 or #109 would’ve been a better tale to tell. This era of Cap is kind of a blindspot for me, I’ve never read this chunk of issues. My collection has a huge gap from issue #126 up to when Kirby returned to the title in issue #193. I need to go out and pick up Cap Essential 3 & 4 to rectify that.

Another great episode guys! I can’t wait to hear what you listen to and review next!

Diabolu Frank said...

"...And A Phoenix Shall Rise" is the only Power Record comic that I still own a copy of. I used to spin this on my suitcase record player all the time in the early '80s, but hadn't heard the audio in decades. Man, are those performances hopelessly square, between the stiff Ted Baxterish Cap, plainly Caucasian Falcon and movie serial German Phoenix.

I like how we breezed through all those Cap rogues cameos, especially the forgotten Solarr. It's been a long time since anyone recalled that chump, and association with a specific hero has gone cold in readers' minds.

I'm sure the extended origin sequence contributed mightily to Baron Zemo being my favorite Cap villain. Helmut would have been much smarter to have worked up some Goo-Gone-X while he was digging up his father's old patents, though.

So was Chris' record "Amazing Spider-Man And Friends Record LP (1974)"?

The thing about Zemo is that he had a slow climb up the Cap foe ladder, and where I embraced him at first blush here and in the DeMatteis stories, he wasn't used a lot during Mark Gruenwald's decade long run. Zemo was built up through his ties to the Masters of Evil, especially the well regarded "Under Siege" Avengers arc and of course, Thunderbolts.

My brother had a Baron Zemo Secret Wars figure, and I had a lot of envy.

"The First Avenger" had an older skewing audience than the other Marvel movies, so Redford might have been a legitimate draw. It took longer to make less than Thor because its audience shunned 3D and didn't rush in on opening weekend, plus Cap was hurt internationally by the patriot angle. Redford must have assured older folks that TWS wasn't all 'splosions.