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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Aquaman (Vol.8) #27 - March 2014

"Life and Death" by Jeff Parker, Paul Pelltier, Netho Diaz, Sean Parsons, and Ruy Jose.

As the reporter(?) in Amnesty Bay keeps trying to find out about Aquaman, the man himself continues fighting the massive sea creature rampaging through the Surface World:
As the fight rages on, we learn that our old pal Steve Shin is part of the mysterious group of shadowy scientists known as Triton. Disgusted at his colleagues' behavior, he washes his hands of the whole thing, retreating to his lab.

Meanwhile, Aquaman continues to fight, fight, fight:

After jamming his trident through the Karaqan's brain (and pounding it in with a steel girder for good measure), it finally collapses in a heap, just as Mera and some of the Atlanteans arrive.

Despite it being dead, Aquaman still receives impulses from the creature's brain, and he tells his men they are headed not for Atlantis, but for the South/Southeast! Meanwhile, one Triton's undersea workers cuts himself while doing some repairs, which is causing its own problems:
...to be continued!

The Big Monster Fun started last month continues with this issue. I could just picture a 1960s bland blonde actor playing Aquaman while he squared off against a Ray Harryhausen-animated Karaqan.
Paul Pelletier and Sean Parsons continue their good work on the series, and we bid a fond adeus to Rod Reis, who wraps up his extraordinary run on Aquaman with this issue. He will be missed!


Joe Slab said...

A fair issue, but well below the standards of what has come before in this title. I don't think its Parker's fault either, I blame the editorial staff for not making sure the title seams aren't showing so much during the hand-off from Johns to Parker.

For example: Jeff doesn't have Mera's voice down like Johns did. Editorial should have immediately vetoed her line " I didn't come all this way to watch you d--" I mean really, Atlantis to Iceland is a hop, skip & a jump for a woman who once made it from Amnesty Bay to Washington DC in a heartbeat (on dry land with a bunch of zombies chasing her no less)!

Also missing is the "VU VU VU" sound effects of Aquaman's powers. Sure they are fan service, but as a fan I love to be serviced. You know what I mean :/

Here's hoping the next storyline shows Parker's settling in and Pelletier back on schedule. I do wonder how Rod's leaving the book will affect the art as the colors have been nothing short of brilliant during his tenure.

MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg said...

Was that the New 52 version of Creature King?

KJ Sampson said...

I disagree, Joe; I LOVED this little two-parter, especially this installment. More action amidst the subplot setups.

I always hated Johns' use of the sound effect for his powers. Telepathy is silent.

KJ Sampson said...

I also thought Mera "sounded" fine. That line was TOTALLY something she'd say. If anything was off, it was Arthur cutting her short like he did.

I really liked that he won the fight without her. I love Mera, but Aquaman gets his bacon saved by her a little too often.

Joe Slab said...

@KJ Sampson

Just goes to show that 2 people can read the exact same thing and have different reactions.

I'm glad a lot of people are enjoying Parker's run so far even if I'm not one of them. There was a significant sales drop between #25 - #26 and I'd hate to see the book slip further down the sales chart because we all know how that story ends.