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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 73

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 73 - DC Comics Presents...Podcast Crossover w/ Views from the Longbox, Part 1

Welcome to VIEWS FROM THE FIERY AND WATERY LONGBOX Part 1! In the grand tradition of comic book crossovers, this episode Shag and I are joined by Michael Bailey from VIEWS FROM THE LONGBOX PODCAST. Together this titanic team of geekdom covers DC COMICS PRESENTS #5 featuring Superman and Aquaman! After this, head over to VIEWS FROM THE LONGBOX for Part 2 of this podcast crossover event where we cover a Superman and Firestorm issue of DC COMICS PRESENTS! 

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Unknown said...

I started listening while running errands this morning...and yes, the He-Man/Superman story "From Eternia...with Death!" is included in the "Showcase Presents: DC Comics Presents Superman Team-Ups V.2" Between errands and work I stopped home and checked my copy just to be sure!

And was I the only one who heard Shag say "angry angry salty sea man" and thought he was talking about a title of one of those Red Tube videos?

Oh well, back to listening...i mean work...ugh...Mondays...

(cross posted because I'm stalling on doing what I'm supposed to at work, lol)

Earth 2 Chris said...

I didn't know what Red Tube was. You made me feel dirty Shag.

Great show guys. I loved the loose, free-wheelin' feel. I could just imagine Rob holding Shag and Michael off of one another.

I don't have this issue, but do have the DCCP with the great Perez pin-up. Arthur (and Rob) got robbed.

Looking forward to the Views sequel. When does Michael Bailey sleep? Maybe he blogs in his sleep?


Earth 2 Chris said...

Listened to part 2 over at Views this morning, and thought I'd drop a line here.

I REALLY need the DCCP Showcase volume 1 now. If only I'd put it on my Christmas list! JLGL (PBHN) did some excellent work on the series off and on. I love the Robin team-up issue he drew for instance.

If you guys do a Hostess Ad Theater show I want in! I do a mean Kevin Conroy Batman...just sayin'.

I think that Corgi ad may have been drawn by Neal Adams (or at least Continuity Studios under Adams). He did most of the Corgi packaging artwork for the Super Hero line around this time. I had most of these as a kid, including that disturbing, identity revealing truck! Even at 4 years old, it bothered me. I now have a nice minty Supermobile to replace my long lost child hood version.

Great eye on the Cardy catch Rob. I was talking to my monitor "It's Nick Cardy!" Although you have to wonder why Nick Cardy, of all people, would forget Aquaman's gloves! I guess it was the 12,346 covers he cranked out for DC that week, taking it's toll.

Great show guys, and a great way for Michael to celebrate 200 episodes of his great Views show!


Count Drunkula said...

Aquaman! Firestorm! Superman! And RedTube! Finally a podcast that appeals to all of my interests!

I just listened to the second part of the crossover at Views from the Longbox and I quite enjoyed this little two-parter. I think brevity is what makes a crossover like this better than, say, "Maximum Carnage" although the infusion of dopplegangers could have added a little spice to these DC Comics Presents stories.

Rob, I just read Justice League of America #200 a couple weeks ago and wow is that an amazingly awesome story! I haven't been excited like I was reading that issue by anything in years (other than RedTube).

In fact... All I want for Christmas and the New Year is for the Fire & Water Podcast Community & Associates to produce a full-length audio drama of JLA #200. Rob can voice Aquaman. Shag can voice Firestorm. Mike, Earth 2 Chris and Anj can rock, scissors, paper to see who voices Superman. Frank can voice Martian Manhunter and/or The Atom. Luke "Damn You, Jaconetti!" can voice Hawkman. That guy who likes Red Tornado can voice him, and that other, weirder guy who likes Penguin can voice, I don't know, Snapper or somebody.

What do you say, guys? Can we make that happen? For America?

Russell said...

Count Drunkula, don't forget Little Russell Burbage. I want in, too. I can do the aliens, or provide the narration in my best BATMAN 1966 narrator voice. :-)

Count Drunkula said...

Love your enthusiasm Russell!

Russell said...

Guys, I just now actually listened to the whole Episode 73. The only thing I was going to comment on was that on pages 14 and 16 the guards of Tritonis are ARMED. They are all holding rifles or something similar to them. Check it out yourself. Then on page 15 suddenly they are UNarmed. HUH!?

But as the episode ended, I heard the dedication of that episode to my mother. It touched me deeply, and made me cry. Thanks, guys. While I know that my mother NEVER read this comic or EVER listened to a podcast :-) I know she would have liked to have met you guys. She would have approved.