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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Adventure Comics #265 - Oct. 1959

Comics Weekend "The Secret of the Super-Safe!" by Robert Bernstein and Ramona Fradon.

It's Adventure Sunday!

Aquaman, fresh from his (in)formal introduction to the nascent DCU, prepares to go on yet another amazing adventure:
The diving bell is brought to the surface, but when Aquaman asks the occupant why he was down there, the guy tells the Sea King to pound sand. Then Aquaman spies someone else taking a closer look at the safe--actually, not just take a look, but blow the thing open!

Afraid the man might set off a sea quake, Aquaman drags him to the surface. But the demolition man tells the Sea King that it's the safe's owner, Roxroyd, who has been playing Aquaman for a fool!
...and so ends another adventure for Aquaman!

After a string of very successful stories, this is one of Robert Bernstein's lesser efforts: the whole super-safe thing is so arcane and needlessly complicated that it really drags the story down, especially on the last page. On top of that, Aquaman doesn't get a whole lot to do, though I love panel five of page two: I never tire of how Ramona Fradon drew Aquaman in those dynamic diving action shots!


Anthony said...

That splash panel's scenario wouldn't have been out of place for a typical Superman comic cover of the time...

Re: Superboy: Superboy and Superman switch places in time when they use their time-viewers to see each other, and unless they fix it by nightfall, they'll be stranded in each other's time-era for a year.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Talk about painting feet on a snake...but the art is treat for the eyes, though.