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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Splash Page Saturday: Teen Titans #13

This wonderfully charming splash page by Nick Cardy is from the classic "The TT's Swingin' Christmas Carol!" from Teen Titans #13, perhaps the single most reprinted Xmas story in DC's history.

In case you're wondering where the Aqua-connection is, that's Aqualad there on the left, pointing an accusing finger along with the rest of the Teen Titans. This splash page is just a small sample of the astounding art job Cardy did for this issue; do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy. You'll be glad you did!


Richard said...

I never put my finger on it before, but...knowing now that Mr. Viscardi started working for Will Eisner when he was only nineteen, the Eisner homage here really jumps off the page.

(Also, one has to think the narration starting with "Fanatic Ones" was Bob Haney deliberately aping/mocking the deathless prose style of Stan Lee, perhaps with slightly less affection than Cardy's loving tribute to Eisner.)

Earth 2 Chris said...

I think I have this story in about 120 places. Well, okay like 4, but still. I bought the original comic a few years back, and was surprised to find the framing sequence that every reprint omits. It makes the story a possible "what if" rather than an actual canonical event, and that makes it even more fun (and easier to swallow on a modern, cynical level), plus you actually see the Titans in the first few pages, unlike the edited version.

This is indeed, one of Cardy's finest art jobs on TT. And next issue was my absolute favorite, TT#14 "Quit, Robin, Quit!". Cardy was on a roll!