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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Shrine's Favorite Moments from Geoff Johns' Aquaman

As you may have heard, writer Geoff Johns concludes his New 52 Aquaman run with this month's extra-sized #25. To commemorate his epic take on the adventures of Arthur Curry and Co., the Shrine is putting together a Top 10 List--and we need your help! Please post your favorite Aqua-Moment(s) from Johns' run in the comments section here, on Facebook, or via Twitter and we'll publish the official list on November 27th to coincide with #25's release.

For our purposes "a moment" can be any particular panel, splash page or series of panels depicting a singular occurrence (like Aquaman falling into the desert from Aquaman #5) so try to avoid big generalizations like "The introduction of The Others." Because it was an extension of Aquaman's own title, feel free to choose moments from the "Throne of Atlantis" Justice League issues as well. Aquaman punching Superman for a loop, anyone?

Deadline for submissions is Friday November 22 so get out those back issues and start reading!



Count Drunkula said...

Are any Aquaman moments from BLACKEST NIGHT or BRIGHTEST DAY on the table, or are we only talking about Top 10 moments from the AQUAMAN series?

Ryan said...

from Aquaman 13 - when Mera tells Arthur to put his shirt back on and "dont be like the rest of the world, dont undervalue who Aquaman truly is"

Perfect moment between the two of them & a meta message from Johns to Aquaman fans. Just great!

Joe Slab said...


rob! has included a handy-dandy infographic showing the issues included in Johns' New 52 AQUAMAN run!

Anonymous said...

For me, it would have to be the entirety of issue #6. Especially when Mera sucks the water out of that one bad guys body when he's holding his girlfriend hostage. It was just SOOOOO badass!

Anonymous said...

Justice league 16.
Aquaman takes on Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in order to prevent the Atlantean army from rising, showing off how powerful he really is.

Designer Daddy said...

Nothing beats the excitement of that series of panels in issue #1 where Aquaman leaps in, flips that truck over with his trident, and then leaps away all Hulk-style. I knew we were in for some outrageous awesomeness!

Count Drunkula said...

Top 10 Aquaman moments from Geoff Johns' AQUAMAN:

*11. This wasn't part of the issues listed, but it is a great Aquaman moment from the New 52 written by Johns so I'm giving it attention. JUSTICE LEAGUE #14: Aquaman captures Cheetah by throwing her in the Amazon River and surrounding her with man-eating piranhas until she surrenders.

10. AQUAMAN #1: Page 15, panel 3 - "How's it feel to be nobody's favorite superhero?"

9. AQUAMAN #5: Page 21, panel 3 - Headline news: "US Navy Saves Aquaman From Desert"

8. JUSTICE LEAGUE #17: Pages 21-23 - Aquaman rallies the League and the forces of Atlantis to thwart the invading monsters from the Trench.

7. AQUAMAN #4: Page 21, panel 3 - Arthur and Mera adopt a dog!

6. AQUAMAN #5: Pages 1-4 - Aquaman lands in the middle of the desert. "Uh-oh."

5. AQUAMAN #13: Page 7, panels 1-4 - Mera tells Aquaman to put a shirt on. "Don't undervalue what Aquaman truly means."

4. AQUAMAN #17: Pages 18-19 - Aquaman summons all of the creatures of the sea to him, says, "I won't fail you again."

3. AQUAMAN #8: Page 7, panels 4-7 - Ya'Wara's "connection" to Arthur and Mera's reaction.

2. AQUAMAN #7: Page 10 - Aquaman tugging the fishing boat through a storm.

1. AQUAMAN #11: Page 14, panels 1-3 - Aquaman leaps from the cargo door of the Operative's C-130, drops through the clouds, hits the water, and immediately starts swimming faster than the plane.

James said...

Favorite shot from the entire run so far is JUSTICE LEAGUE #17 when Orm yields, yet the Atlanteans still attempt to attack Arthur.

"Orm has yielded! I AM YOUR KING!"

Great splash page from Reis.

Ryan said...

Aquaman #1 - When Aquaman leaves the waitress a tip in gold thats enough to send her kids through college

Aquaman #8 - When he asks Kahina the Seer to tell him if in his future he finds Black Manta and she replies "Even better, you find happiness"

Aquaman #20 - splash page throwing the submarine to the surface of the ocean

ALL the flashbacks with his father I miss those!

Diabolu Frank said...

Not to be a bastard, but I had the exact same question in mind as Count Drunkula in the initial comment. Having had Blackest Night and Brightest Day shut out, I don't care enough for what remains to identify a favorite anything. Gorgeous art, though.

Andrew M. (FOAM Member!) said...

I think you HAVE to include Blackest Night and Brightest Day as part of his Aquaman run. Johns certainly does ("I absolutely love Aquaman and the character has been a passion since Blackest Night. That was 2009, so I’ve been rebuilding the character and reintroducing him through Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and Aquaman for a little over four years now." - Interview on IGN.)

And that said, one of my absolute favorite moments from Johns' run on Aquaman was Brightest Day #1, when Aquaman leaps onto the pirates' ship, they start shooting him with bullets, and they all ricochet off. I remember twitter blowing up that day about how bad-ass that scene was, and for me, that was the instant that I knew and trusted that Johns was going to put Aquaman back on the map. It was the first time in a long time that his powers were made so easily quantifiable. ("Oh. He's bulletproof.) The one bouncing off his forehead with ease was probably the best part, and that Mera is in the background, also deflecting bullets with her wristguards (a la Wonder Woman) was just icing on the cake.

Johns' four year run with Aquaman has been tremendous, but if I had to boil it down to a single panel of "Oh man... he's back," it would be Brightest Day #1.

Brian said...

#4 when Aquaman opens the volcano with his trident then seals the Trench in the cavern

Shellhead said...

The reunion of Arthur and Mera near the end of Blackest Night. No words were necessary.

Count Drunkula said...

I agree with Shellhead. If pre-New 52 moments count, the reunion of Arthur and Mera from BLACKEST NIGHT #8 would be at the top of the list.

Count Drunkula said...
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Andy Luckett said...

I'm a sucker for Aquaman's introduction in Justice League, as he calls up gigantic Megalodon sharks to munch on some Parademons. Hard not to vote him onto the team after that. Can that count? I know it wasn't part of "Throne of Atlantis" but it was certainly memorable (and written by Johns).

davidgrantlloyd said...

The introduction of The Others ... and the front cover to issue 3 -- that is so badass!

Anonymous said...

Issue 17, right after Throne of Atlantis, Aquaman was so alone, rejected by the atlanteans, by humans, being manipulated by Amanda Waller (who was preparing her move against Mera), not in the best terms with the Justice League... And Amanda asks him what is he fighting for... Aquaman jumps into the ice-cold water and leaves... Then we get the answer to that quiestion with one beautiful page...

Also the moment (don´t remember what issue, it was one of the first ones), when Arthur and Mera are having a cup of coffee in Arthur´s house, just watching photos of Arthurs´s dad.

Anonymous said...

Being from Boston I got excited seeing issue #1 page 4 the title page The Trench shows Aquaman what looks to be in Copley Square. Behind him on the right is the Copley Library pre-marathon bombing. Center is the John Hancock Tower and to left is the Trinity Church.
I think the last time I seen a Superhero in Boston was Wonderwoman.
- jez