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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 69

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 69 - Aquaman Annual #1, Nick Cardy R.I.P., and DC Moves to the West Coast

This episode Shag and I dive into the first AQUAMAN ANNUAL in 15 years! Next we remember the legendary Nick Cardy. The show wraps up with a discussion about DC moving their offices to the west coast.

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Earth 2 Chris said...

Great show as always gents. Rob may have recorded the Power Records opening a few times, but at least he didn't say "you know" 1,052 times like I did!

Nick Cardy: What can I say? I think I first encountered Cardy's art in one of the DC Digests, reprinting Ocean Master's first appearance. I was hooked (no pun intended) from there I met him through Teen Titans reprints and back issues. My absolute favorite cover of his is TT#14..."Quit Robin, QUIT!!!" so moody and powerful. I think Cardy had some hand in nearly every issue of the original TT run, either as penciler or inker. I have the two Showcase volumes Shag pitched for Instock trades, and they are gorgeous. I have Rob's book as well, and it is beautiful. One of the giants of not only comics, but commercial art. I loved Rob's interview with him as well. I never saw his artwork slip either. His most recent stuff was still pure Cardy, in his 90s!!!

I have pretty much the same feelings on DC moving. The ghosts of editors and creators like Mayer, Schwartz, Kahniger, Weisinger, Broome, Finger, Boltinoff and others are being left behind, I think. This is the New DC's final break with the past. That throughline is gone.

Your stories were great Rob, but heartbreaking. What could have been, for you, and for us, as we all would have loved to have read them.

I've marveled at that mural artwork for nearly 25 years, thanks to my hardcover History of the DCU book. THAT is DC Comics, right there.

Somewhere, in an abandoned office in New York, in a dusty closet, hangs a pair of discarded red trunks...waiting to be found again...


Diabolu Frank said...

12) I half agree with Rob. Let's stop screwing with Aquaman and Mera. They've been messed with hard since the '70s, and their current popular can be partially attributed to their finally being allowed firm footing and contentment. However, lets surround these two with characters you can screw with. Reintroduce Garth, then rip his jaw off. That'll keep up interest without any great loss to longtime readers. Let's kill some more Others, but rein in their page count. Let's not forget who's name is on the book.

13) Shag is very open minded about dramatic changes made to characters. He's wrong about that. Alan Moore revolutionized comics with an inspired tweak on an established concept he'd merely inherited from Wein & Wrightson. It was still a book about a Swamp Thing, just that it would now be a more sophisticated horror book, and its formerly "human" lead simply realized he was a sentient plant who only thought he was once a man. Meanwhile, a rollicking teen super-hero should not become a Swamp Thing knock-off with completely different appearance, origins and powers. Not only is it disrespectful to the original creators and a dilution of their concept's integrity, but it causes factionalism in the fan base and impedes future interpretations through an unclear intent in use of the concept. I'm not a zealot demanding rigid purity, but let's not develop cold sores and green-tinged genital secretions, either. Incorporating Jason Rusch into the matrix is evolution. The Protocols were bastardization.

14) "Grayson?" God Shag, really? Gross.

15) We're all going to forget about the Hourman TV show's existence sooner or later, Rob. I prescribe 3 episodes of The Night Man to clear up Shag's tenacious case of Ultraverse. Yeah, that happened.

16) I forget: was Jackson Bostwick the Dick York or Dick Sargent of Shazams?

17) I still haven't forgiven Rob for his failure to produce a Cory Monteith memorial stinger.