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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Teen Titans Go!: Matched

"Matched", Written by Steve Borst, Directed by Luke Cormican

Were you watching Teen Titan Go! last week? If, like me, you weren't, you missed a guest appearance by none other than...Aquaman!

The episode opens with Beast Boy and Raven playing chess, with the game proving too boring the ADD-afflicted Gar. Raven decides to meditate instead, which Gar keeps interrupting with his antics. Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire enter, with the exciting new that Cyborg has come up with a program that determines who each of member of the team is a romantic match for.

Robin insists he is perfect for Starfire, but Cyborg's program says otherwise:
Robin doesn't take this news well; neither does Raven, who is told that Beast Boy is her perfect mate!

As Gar tries to romance Raven (to no avail), Starfire starts to consider that Aquaman is, well, quite a catch:
Robin keeps trying to get Starfire's attention, and gets desperate, going so far as to dress up like Aquaman (with a costume partly made of fish), which repulses both Starfire and Cyborg.

Robin then consults some Aquaman comics, and tries to become buddies with creatures from the sea, installing them in a water tank inside Titans HQ--which only leads to a shark taking chunks out of the Boy Wonder!

Meanwhile Raven starts to give in to Gar's charms, and they plan a wedding, where Starfire arrives with:
But before they take their vows, Cyborg reveals there was a glitch with the program, and Raven and Beast Boy really aren't meant to be together! Beast Boy's actual perfect mate is...a scratching post?!? Yep, an inanimate scratching post!

The wedding breaks up, and Cyborg states that a scratching post is also Starfire's perfect mate ("Maybe that glitch wasn't so eensy-weensy", he muses). This causes a fight between Starfire and Beast Boy, leaving Aquaman and Robin in the dust:
...The End!

Aquaman never actually gets to say anything, but I enjoyed this completely goofy episode anyway. The animation is fun and crisp, with some great visual gags, and the thing moves at a lightning pace. A lot of fun!

I would not have known of this appearance but for our newest F.O.A.M.  member Daniel Butcher. Thanks Daniel and welcome to F.O.A.M.!

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Earth 2 Chris said...

My son called me into the living room to witness this. There have been several DCU cameos on this show, but this was the best one yet.