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Monday, August 12, 2013

Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume XII

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: WHO'S WHO: THE DEFINITIVE PODCAST OF THE DC UNIVERSE, Volume XII

This time around we chat about WHO'S WHO: Volume XII, discussing characters such as Jonny Double (finally!), Jor-El, Kamandi, Kid Flash, Killer Frost, King Faraday, and Kobra! We wrap up the show with Listener Feedback!

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Little Russell Burbage said...

NO comments yet? What, everybody jumped the Aquaman ship and went over to the Firestorm canoe? Whatever.

I like the Killer Frost shown on the cover more than the KF shown inside. I don't like that Kid Flash is not watching where he is going, though. Eyes on Kobra?

Is that the Knights of the Galaxy on the cover, behind Kamandi? They're costumes aren't the same as shown inside. WTH?

I had no idea when Shagg said "ka-hoons" who he was talking about. I have always just said "cunneds." As in "cunning."

When I saw the picture of Jor-El I thought, "briefcase and paperwork for another day at the office." Like minds, I guess....haha

I agree that the JLA pic is not spectacular, but I have always liked it anyway. Chuck Patton or Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (PBHN) would have knocked it out of the ball-park for sure....!

JSA....by the extra-ordinary Ordway. Can art *get* any better than this?

Names: I had no idea Kamandi was pronounced "command D." I always just said it "come-AND-ee" like Comanche or something. Also, I thought King Faraday was supposed to be King For-A-Day. Was that just a coincidence?

As a Japanese scholar, I have to give Jim Aparo minus points for not copying Japanese characters correctly. The two biggest on the far right are Nip-pon, the name of Japan. They are okay. The ones behind the robo-nunchik are just gobbledy gook. The only one that is anything at all is the character next to his left knee. It's "hiro" from Hiroshima. It means "wide."

I really liked The Key picture here. Never liked The Key, though.

My best friend in Indiana *loves* Kid Eternity. I think he's a charming character, and I liked how he got to hang out with the Marvel Family in WORLD'S FINEST in the early 80s. Beautiful Don Newton art on those stories.

I *like* Killer Moth. Still, I never understood his color scheme. Shouldn't it be just earth-tones? Re-color him gray, brown, and beige and he suddenly looks kinda serious.

Too bad Killer Shark(I) never faced Golden Age Aquaman. Oh, wait, never mind.

Kobra is officially a bad-asp. Another killer green-orange-yellow costume combination.

I read somewhere that Kole and Azrael (TT) were created specifically to be killed in CRISIS.

Favorite art this issue: not much to choose from, but here goes: The JSA, Kole, Karate Kid (even just standing there it looks like he's *about* to do something...), and The Key.

BlUsKrEEm said...

Hmm, My comment from earlier vanished. Anyways, !mpact was my introduction to comics as a young boy (The Fly was the raddest.) If you skip it in 2027 I'll be a very sad man.

PS: the New Crusader (by Redcircle) books are pretty nifty if there are any other !mpact fans out there. It's a pretty good take on the legacy heroes story without getting to bogged don with to much continuity baggage. No Fly sadly.

Diabolu Frank said...

The Official Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe Aquaman Shrine Comment Board Sympathy Link Bibliography Volume XII

*Michael Bailey's Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Commentary Track
*Brooke Shields in the Calvin Klein Jeans commercial 1981
*1984 Vixen, Vibe, Gypsy, and Commander Steel Postcard by George PĂ©rez
*The bodies were never found
*Vintage Ninja
*National Comics: Eternity #1 (September, 2012)
*The Top 10 King Faraday Covers
*Twilight (1990) Book I, Book II, Book III

Aaron said...

My earlier comments also seem go have disappeared:


I'm very excited you finally reached this Kung Fu-rific issue of Who's Who. This was my first issue of Who's Who. In fact, at the time this came out I was a staunch Marvel reader and this was my first DC comic in years! This book and my cousin's love of the Mayfair RPG both helped bring me around to leaving partisan comics reading behind and reuniting with some sorely missed Super Friends.

Like Shagg, I was somewhat mislead by the seeming prominence lent to some of the characters by their entries. I was under the impression upon reading this issue that J. Wilbur Wolfingham and Judo Master were both MAJOR players.

A few thoughts on the podcast:

1. The idea that there is no difference between the Golden Age Aquaman and the Silver Age to (then) present Aquaman is complete B.S.! Not just because of the color of his gloves, either. In 1941, Aquaman was established as a man whose scientist father discovered the ruins of Atlantis and taught his son how to breathe underwater and communicate with sea life. In 1959, hot on the heels of everyone else in the new JLA getting revised origins, Aquaman was given a completely new origin. This time he was the son of a human lighthouse keeper and a woman from Atlantis (very Sub-Mariner). Clearly this is the point of delineation between what would be thought of as an Earth one and Earth two identity, in a similar vein to Wonder Woman or Green Arrow- Characters who remained in publication, kept their same costumes and identities, but were subtly different to bring them up to speed with the new Flash and Green Lantern.

2. Shagg is correct, if Jonny Double is right handed, his shoulder holster should be under his left arm. Unless he's "Jonny Double-jointed!"

3. RE: JLA Monitor duty- I think they mean that everyone takes shifts on the 24 hour-a-day monitor, not that their shifts are 24 hours. Oh! Brenda Pope, why did you leave us?

4. I agree with Rob; "Crisis" was lame! I hate that DC was so self-conscious that they felt they had to justify their clunky, in-house discontinuity with an event that ultimately changed nothing. Rigid continuity kills creativity and it's tedious.

5. Sorry Shagg, I have no use for "Legends". Weak!

I have really been enjoying your podcast in general, but the Who's Whos are far and away my favorites, followed closely by the Power Records podcasts.

Keep it up gents. The Bias family are listening!

Aaron Bias
Gorilla City, USA

Diabolu Frank said...

I'm "working," and I can always change my Blogspot password, but would rather not leave an access trail to my perpetual Firestorm Fan comment privilege. So, I'll talk here.

Luke, I remembered your Kalibak story from the Super Powers anniversary event. I think Blockbuster was over-sold in those last issues of Savage Hawkman. I think Katar would have an easier time with Blockbuster given his track record against giant monsters. Kalibak would be a better challenge, necessitating smarts, tech, and maybe a team-up. Sounds like fun, though.

Alfredo Alcala to me is one of the unsung greats. Somehow he could demonstrate numbing existential horror visually, making him one of the few artists who could truly make me feel scared. He was fantastic in period pieces, with an unreal concentration of detailing. He was the kind of guy who would detail every ridge in a wooden table, every vein on the leaves of a tree-- a decades long dedication that permanently "broke" Berni Wrightson when he tried to do it for just one set of prints. When he embellished other artists, he was an unapologetic assimilator, but no work he touched was ever left less than improved by his magnificent line.

I've got to partially agree with Martin Gray: Technically, the DC Explosion began on June 1, 1978, as announced by a house ad and editorial from Jeanette Kahn. However, the DC Implosion is more all-inclusive, since the increased number of titles under her reign contributed heavily to the need to reduce printing demands, and thus create the Canceled Comic Cavalcade.

I nominate Siskoid and Anj as guest hosts for all the Legion books, since Rob and Shag will have already had their say in the core Who's Who. Now that we've settled that, where does Rob stand on Star Trek?

I liked when Jack Kirby did random fill-ins on '70s books. Everybody was chasing Neal Adams or Barry Smith in those days, so when The King would show up for an issue of Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter, it was at the very least a novel change of pace. Didn't Kirby co-create Kobra to fulfill his contractual obligation to DC before returning to Marvel?