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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

AquaStorm Heroclix

For those of you who listen to The Fire and Water Podcast (or, more specifically, our side project, Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe) you know that my co-host The Irredeemable Shag and I tend to rag on the villain known as The Composite Superman. Something about the concept and look of the character struck as ridiculous, and we made him our duly designated punching bag, show after show, especially after the show's vocal fanbase started to defend him.

Well, F.O.A.M.er Gene Hendricks took it one step further, making this pair of custom Heroclix figures: a half Aquaman/half Firestorm being known as...Aquastorm!

At first, I really wondered if this was a real character in the Heroclix universe (what were the odds?!?), but Gene assured this is his own insane creation. Not only was it extremely generous of him to send us these, but the craftsmanship is also quite good: I mean, to my eyes, this looks no more silly than the Composite Superman! Though I don't know how Aquaman keeps his hair from catching fire. Thanks Gene!

For Further Reading: For more fan appreciation of The Composite Superman (no, really), head on over to my Hey Kids, Comics! blog where F.O.A.M.er Dan Hunter has an essay called "The Composite Superman and Me."


Gene Hendricks said...

"Though I don't know how Aquaman keeps his hair from catching fire."

Well, we now know for certain he doesn't use Aqua Net. (Yeah, I know it's bad, but I'm IN-SANE!)

Kap-El said...

Rad Custom, Bro! I dig it in a big way, man!

Unknown said...

Can we now have a Composite Superman One? I Know Rob and Shagg will love it for the Who's Who Podcast.

Luke said...

That is crazy kinds of awesome. Great work, Gene!

Gene Hendricks said...

Thanks for the complements, everyone.

Hector - It looks like the official people already made an official Composite Superman. http://herominis.com/composite-superman-sm036-dc-superman-036.html

Unknown said...

That is some great custom work, especially on that scale! I keep looking and wondering...how did he get them cut so precisely? Absolutely brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I always liked Composite Superman but I must admit I always wondered about his weiner. I mean is it half super, half regular? How does that work? (Feel free to delete this one.)

Gene Hendricks said...

"...how did he get them cut so precisely?"

I used an Exacto Knife, Tim. First I had to remove Aquaman from his base. Then I had to decapitate the figures. Then the bodies and heads were bisected (using tweezers for the heads). The major thing was to line the knife up and use constant pressure and a slight rocking motion to cut the plastic.

I also had to cut off Aquaman's right leg and trim it, since it would have been at a weird angle when flying on the finished figure. (Rob can probably see the seem there.)

I hope that peek behind the curtain helps.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Wow, the level of detail at this size is amazing. Stunning work!!!


Unknown said...

Thanks Gene! And again...brilliant work!