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Monday, July 08, 2013

Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume XI

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: WHO'S WHO: THE DEFINITIVE PODCAST OF THE DC UNIVERSE, Volume XI

This time around we chat about WHO'S WHO: Volume XI, discussing characters such as Invisible Destroyer, Iron Major, Iron Wolf, Johnny Quick, Johnny Thunder, The Joker, and Jonah Hex! We wrap up the show with Listener Feedback!

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Russell said...

I. I never realized that these Paris Cullins resembled the Marvel Handbook, but now that you say that it's SO true. I went and looked at all the past covers and they all seem to follow the same pattern: lead character (Joker), character in front (Iron Major), character on the fold/back cover up-close (Jinx). I do agree with Shag that this is a cool Infinity Man illustration.
II. I always liked The Icicle. I thought it was cool that he could go back and forth between Earths any time he wanted, as shown in various JLA issues.
III. The best Inferior Five story is a recent B&B story where they team up with the Legion of Substitute Heroes. It was genuinely funny.
IV. I never liked Infinity, Inc. I wanted to! I bought the first few issues, mostly for the Jerry Ordway art. The story based on some (to me, then) obscure All Star Comics story turned me WAY off. I couldn't even finish that storyline. Did the JSAers stay evil?
V. I think one of the reasons Invisible Destroyer made it into WW is because he appeared during GL's initial SHOWCASE appearances, which are historically significant.
VI. It's a shame that neither of you like Invisible Kid (Kyle), who deserved way more attention than you guys gave him. He was the LSH leader, for crying out loud! I like how he has become a pseudo boyfriend to Chemical King in death, too. As for Jacques' transportation powers, those showed up in LSH #299/300 and again in Baxter LSH #10.
VII. IQ appeared in the first Hawkman-Adam Strange team-up I just read in HAWKMAN ARCHIVES. So yeah, he's a bit complicated. It *would* have been cool for him to team-up with The Trickster, though!
VIII. Jade's costume features a boob window?!? I don't think so. I never noticed that before; I always just thought her logo was light green. Of course, I just recently realized that the black color of Obsidian's costume is his skin, so....maybe?
IX. I am SO glad I am not the only one to LOATHE the character of Jericho. I liked the idea of him, like you guys said, but the visuals and the personality... blech!
X. I never liked Johnny Thunder, but I agree that this pic by Leialoha is great. Probably my vote for best piece in the book. This or...
XI. Johnny Thunder by Gil Kane! As Shag points out, this is pure awesomeness!
XII. I don't know why you guys don't like this Joker piece. Sure, it's static, but I still prefer it over half the other pieces. And the actor Shag was trying to think of was Conrad Veidt in "The Laughing Man."
XIII. Hate both the Jonah Hex pieces. I didn't get into this character until much later, but he deserved better that this. And I do remember a JONAH HEX special or something that showed Jonah stuffed in a Wild West museum. So that is definitely canon.
XIV. I *hated* Jonny Thunder. Like the Infinity Inc characters, I *wanted* to like this book; I bought the first issue, but hated it so much I never went back. I'm sorry, but Roy Thomas is one of those writers who sometimes needs a good editor!

Unknown said...

Am I the only one that listens to this podcast, re-reads my Who's Who back issues and thinks..."I bet I could write a cool story using some of these characters?"

Maybe I should try my hand at fan fiction?

Anonymous said...

Howdy guys, I see that there is another facet to the podcasting goodness that I have been missing. I thoroughly enjoyed this show, though I was a bit saddened at the lack of love for all of these glorious C-listers! As I was listening I was pretty floored by the exactness of y'all's comic knowledge. My goodness guys, it verges on scary! Anyway, as I said, I enjoyed the episode in general, and here are a few specific thoughts about it:

Y'all were discussing the Injustice Society and various villains, labeling many as jokes, and I'd say you were right on the whole. However, I'd definitely argue that Shadow Thief is not a joke! He hasn't gotten a whole lot of time in the spotlight, but he's a pretty awesome villain who has always provided a stiff challenge for the Hawks and anyone else he came up against. When you think about it, his powerset is pretty darn impressive.

On a related note, you ask who cares about Hawkman villains? I do!

So Shag, by your implication, Legends is supposed to be a good event? Yikes, I think you might be stretching a bit there. The idea behind it is pretty excellent, Darkseid turning Earth against her heroes, but the execution is down right painful in places.

I take a perverse pride in the fact that, despite the fact that this book is mostly C-list characters, a good 80% or 90% of these, obscure or not, are in my little mod, the DCUG. I guess that makes me a completest.

Tim, no, you are not at all alone. In fact, I've got pages and pages of notes for my own little projects that aim to do just that. I love second stringers. I suppose I've always had a thing for underdogs. That's part of what drew me to Aquaman and his hard-knock relationship to DC. For my little modding projects I've told stories featuring such luminaries as the Marine Marauder, The 1000, O.G.R.E., Deadline, Fadeaway Man, The Tattooed Man, and many more. Ha, I love taking an underutilized character and trying to tell an interesting story with them. That's one of the places where DC often disappoints me. There are a zillion characters out there with potential, but they're only rarely used with any imagination.

To circle back to Hawkman villains, I always liked I.Q. Of course he's a gimmicky villain, but I liked his look. He's like an old timey racer, with the scarf and goggles and everything. He seemed like what he was, a small time crook who suddenly stumbled into power. I've got to say, I think the original story is actually not that bad, and like most of those early Silver Age Hawk-tales, there is tons of potential in it.

In the same vein, Shag, I am totally going to put together a mission with I.Q. and the Trickster teaming up. That's genius.

Since when did Jonah Hex fight with the Yankees?! I feel betrayed! (Admittedly, I've only read part of his original run, though I loved it.)

Anyway, thanks for an entertaining blast from the past, gents.

BlUsKrEEm said...

I loved the Jester story. I ran a Red Bee legacy character for a while that eventually met up with the original's team mate Michael the bee.