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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whither Aquaman Archives Vol. 2?

A ton of Aqua-Fans have sent in a link to this Amazon listing, that shows an Aquaman Archives Vol.2 supposedly on the schedule!

For those of who don't remember, Aquaman received a single Archive Edition hardcover book, way back in 2003:
Now, lots of things get listed on Amazon that will either never be published or are so far off in the future that it's almost meaningless (indeed, Vol. 2 is listed as being published in 2035!), but someone did bother to list the comics that will be reprinted in the book: Showcase #s 32-33, Adventure Comics #284, Detective Comics #s 293-300, World's Finest Comics #s 125-133, and Aquaman #s 1-9. So there's something more than a title to this at least.

I'm still amazed that the classic Steve Skeates/Jim Aparo run, from Aquaman #s 40-56, have never been collected anywhere. The Showcase Presents volumes stopped just before, and at this rate, this series won't get to them until around Aquaman Archives Vol.3, due in 2067.


John said...

I would really love to see an Archive edition of Golden-Age Aquaman stories!

Tegan said...

I wonder if putting in a request to be notified gets Amazon to pressure the publisher at all?

And John, I would LOVE to see a Golden Age Archive, but I can't see DC doing it without a lot of encouragement from fans clamoring for it.

Anonymous said...

It kills me that the SAG run hasn't been collected. You'd think that they'd at least put out a digital version for Comixology or something.

Anonymous said...

I'm really annoyed! When i first saw Amazon's solicitation fort this title it was a pre-order for early 2014 suddenly it becomes a let me know when it's listed for 2035?!? C'Mon DC!!!!
You guys made this one of my favoite books at least give his silver Age Years some love!!!!!