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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Spongebob Comics Annual #1

Check out this swell cover to SpongeBob Comics Annual #1, drawn by Jacob Chabot. Not being a kid or perpetually high, I never really got into Spongebob, though of course I enjoyed their version of Aquaman, which has seemed to take on a life of its own. And is that a fishy Green Arrow back there? 

SpongeBob Comics Annual #1 comes out June 19!

(h/t: Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage)


r duncan said...

Then I guess I'm a 54-year old kid. The Spongebob comic that was given out for free comic book day had a multipage preview of the Mermaid Man special.

I wish DC would do an Aquaman Annual!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Who are all the characters?! I gotta know.

r duncan said...


From left to right:

Flying Fish, Barnacle Boy, Lighthouse Lass, Mermaid Man, and the Green Harpoon.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

r duncan,

Tanks! Lighthouse Lass? That's great. I'm guessing that's Pearl Krabs. Looked for this on GCD but no findee.

I, like Rob, was lukewarm on Spongebob for the first 10 yrs it was around, not paying it much mind, till I happened to see the episode in which he was walking around in a giant Restoration era periwig, with bugs crawling out of it, getting it stuck on a cinema floor, etc. After that I was hooked.

r duncan said...

I'm a fan too. I got hooked when I saw the episode where Spongebob thought he turned ugly but people were just avoiding him because of his bad breath from eating a weird sandwich. At its best, the humor is so bizarre,it's great.

I saw a preview of the Mermaid Man Annual in the Free Comic Book Day Spongebob Comic. You can't tell it from the cover but in the comic Lighthouse Lass is wearing a bikini. Don't ask me why.

MOCK! said...

My whole family are fans....my son got this in our pull pile this week...he was giddy...named all the characters on the walk back to the car.

Sphinx Magoo said...

I'm surprised you don't have more Mermaid Man stuff here on The Shrine. During his time on Spongebob, the writers have poked gentle fun at Aquaman, the old Filmation Aquaman series, Wonder Woman, Batman, movies based on comic characters, and a ton of other comics references. It all started with an episode about Spongebob visiting Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (voiced by Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway, respectively) at a retirement home and it's gone on from there.