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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 52

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 52 - The Mera and Firehawk Show!

This time out Shag and I discuss our favorite super-powered ladyloves, Mera and Firehawk! We cover their origins, their connections to Aquaman and Firestorm, and some of their outrageous adventures! It's Ladies Night at the Fire and Water Podcast!

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Earth 2 Chris said...

Fun episode guys, and very informative. I was up on Mera's history, but never knew much about Firehawk. I always liked her visuals, but never read her appearances too often. Had no idea she was part of Firestorm at one time!

Oh, and I think Robin and Aqualad may have already met in B&B #54 (the unofficial 1st appearance of the Titans) when Aquaman and Mera wed.

Thanks for making Monday morning more than bearable!


Diabolu Frank said...

1) Martian Manhunter's appearances in Justice League of America became more sporadic in the 30s, really started to dip in the 40s, he was absent more than present in the 50s, and largely vanished by the 60s. Aquaman follows a very similar pattern, plus both had been written by Jack Miller and edited by Jack Schiff. The conspiracy theory falls apart when you recognize that the entire staff of Aquaman was changing over in that same period. Guess both characters just sucked.

2) Still, parallels remain. Miller had quasi-love interest Patrolwoman Diane Meade appearing regularly in Detective Comics around the time of Mera's introduction, and Zook was created to produce the same sort of jibberish speak a couple years ahead of Aquababy. There was a comparable dynamic until J'onzz and Zook left Diane behind during the move to House of Mystery. Just as Aquaman was written out of JLofA in fans' minds thanks to his search for Mera, J'onn J'onzz was too busy chasing the Diabolu Idol-Head to attend meetings. Unlike Aquaman, Martian Manhunter was textually removed as well, twice over, using Vulture and then the destruction of Mars as excuses.

3) Like Shag, the 1989 mini-series was my primary introduction to the character in comics, when I began collecting back issues ahead of the PAD series. As I recall, a last minute retcon both saved Mera from death through her alien physiology and revealed her madness was brought on by impurities in Earth's oceans. In my epic Aquaman story that will never exist because it has been rendered moot several times over, Mera became Ocean Master's babymama and an ongoing adversary of her ex-husband. She's so much more powerful as to overshadow the both of them, and maybe a Mera movie would have greater crossover appeal than an Aquaman one. I'm glad the character has been redeemed.

4) Dug the advert reading by Sirena Irwin.

5) I'd argue that Jessica Chastain would make a better Shayera Thal and Rachel Nichols is the superior Mera fancasting.

6) It was good to hear background on Firehawk, who I know best from the Jason Rusch series. The second costume was a major improvement. I'm not feeling her on the JLI, though. She's kind of off-brand, and if you're not character, media execs might decide a female Firestorm is a better idea than a male one and his girl counterpart.