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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Super Heroes Puffy Stickers

This piece of merch is a real head scratcher. Clearly, the stickers are, or were at some point, officially licensed merchandise--the stock art shots are recognizable (a Kurt Schaffenberger Aquaman, a Neal Adams Green Arrow, and...is that a Jim Aparo Green Lantern?!?), as are the logos.

But the hang tag is where things get weird. Not only does it look like it was drawn by a child, but it features all Marvel characters! What the what?!?

I love stuff like this.

(h/t: F.O.A.M.er Joe Mello)


Randy Meyer said...

Yes!! I had these! With the same exact hang-tags!! Confused the heck out of 8-year-old me as well!

Earth 2 Chris said...

I like that Dick Giordano Robin! And that does look like an Aparo GL! Almost as odd as the header!


Neal P said...

I had this sticker pack with the exact same arrangement of stickers on the card, but the hang tag was different (definitely DC related). I wonder if some enterprising company got a hold of some surplus sticker cards and put a new hang tag on them.

Mike Carlson said...

Oh, yes..I remember having this in my room when I was a kid.

Andy Luckett said...

Haha and the Spider-Woman on the hang tag has a completely red face, making her look like she's wearing a Spidey-style mask rather than her regular one. Saves on printing costs I guess. I do love me some puffy stickers.

Captain Blog said...

Looks like a repackage. Check out the full set of originals in here:
Hope this helps!

Ben said...

Saying it looks like it was drawn by a child is an insult to children everywhere.