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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Sea World Mera

I love anything and everything about the DC Comics Superhero Sea World show, even if the pictures from it are fuzzy and indistinct, as this one is. It might be hard to make out, but that's Mera performing another amazing stunt as part of the show.

I've always said, if I had a time machine, I'd probably go back and pick winning lottery numbers or invest in Apple or something. But once I was done with that stuff, I'm sure I'd attend at least a couple of these Sea World shows just so I could say I saw them live!

BTW, if you want to learn more about the DC Comics Sea World show, visit my pal (and F.O.A.M.er) Marc Tyler Nobleman's truly amazing work on the subject, starting here!

(h/t: the Plaid Stallions blog)

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Mike Carlson said...

Sea World shows are really amazing.