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Thursday, May 30, 2013

DC Super Friends: Superman!

How cute is this book???

This is DC Super Friends: Superman!, a 7x8" Golden Book focusing on The Man of Steel but also featuring his Super Friends pals, including (in a brief appearance) Aquaman! The art in this book is by Ethen Beavers, and boy howdy do I love it--it's uber-kid friendly, but also kinda retro and funky. Its as if they asked Saul Bass to do a children's book. Delightful stuff!

BTW, if you want to pick up a copy for a kid in your life (or yourself!) use this handy Amazon link and throw some of Neptune's Treasure the Shrine's way: 

(h/t: Shrine Correspodent Russell Burbage, of course)


Richard said...

Wow! I don't care for the standard DC Super Friends house style at all -- the combination of over-modelled muscles with giant extremities looks grotesque to me -- but done this way they look MUCH better. I've liked Ethen Beavers work elsewhere and he gets the balance of old and new design elements just right.

Earth 2 Chris said...

This is really nice! I think my daughter needs this.


Unknown said...

The look is reminiscent of "Samurai Jack" from Cartoon Network.

Russell said...

Barron, I, too thought of "Samurai Jack" when I saw this. I love this stuff! There's a few of them out there, but Aquaman was not in the BATMAN book. :-(