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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 49

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 49 - Hostess Comic Book Ads, Fury of Firestorm #42, and Listener Feedback

This episode Shag and I revisit the beloved Bronze Age comic book advertisements for Hostess Snacks! Plus, Shag takes a look at the classic FURY OF FIRESTORM #42 featuring Firehawk & Wonder Girl! Finally we wrap-up with a massive dose of your Listener Feedback!

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Seanbaby's Hostess Page

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Intro theme, "That Time is Now," by Michael Kohler.

Outro music by Daniel Adams and The Bad Mamma Jammas!

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Earth 2 Chris said...

You guys sucked me in! Despite my ignorance of all things New 52, the Hostess ads got me. I had to listen. What kid of the 70s and early 80s DOESN'T have fond memories of those ads?

As for the Firestorm issue, I did always think Donna Troy/Wonder Girl was hot, but then there was Perez's Starfire. Nuff said.

Re: Kirby being "over-Theakstonized". I do think Theakston probably helped Kirby's failing eyesight and age where character depiction was concerned, but still feel he may have strangled some of the raw energy out of the pages at the same time.

And you guys can totally come over and play Super Powers Play-Doh with me and my daughter! We can even make the Play-Doh figures and blow them up with M80s! They'll just go right back together! All of the carnage with none of the guilt!

As for the "mud room", that's kind of a later day term for it. We really referred to it as "the back porch", but that sounded too hill-jack for me to post, and Kentuckians get enough flack for such things!

Stop by whenever you guys are in the Bluegrass sate, and we'll break out some cans of Play-Doh!


Sean Koury said...

I just had to post this comment to prove that I am not, in fact a robot. I wish I was. That would be cool.

Another great episode, guys, despite me only being mentioned once. I'll let it slide this time.

Russell said...

You know, I often wondered in that Mera & Aqualad ad if Garth isn't supposed to be Arthur, but the inker and colorist got it wrong? If you look at him in black and white he looks like Aquaman, especically in the close-ups. I guess we'll never know for sure, but that's my theory.