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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Ballad of the Yellow Glove - JLA Edition

It's been a long time, but...welcome to another installment of The Ballad of the Yellow Glove!

This is our fourth time around at what I have come to call The Ballad of the Yellow Glove, where poor Aquaman was bedeviled by either an indifferent colorist or sloppy printing, leaving the Sea King to not look his best--something that rarely, if ever--seemed to happen to his more famous co-horts, like Superman or Batman. For today's segment, we're focusing on just the times when Aquaman mixed his yellows with his greens while doing his laundry up at the JLA Satellite:

(Justice League of America #125)
(Justice League of America #178)
(Justice League of America #179)
(Justice League of America #217)
(Justice League of America #190)

Okay, I admit--that last one is more Ballad of the Yellow Underpants, but it was too good not to use.

After each installment of The Ballad of the Yellow Glove, I keep thinking I won't possibly find any more. But, of course...



Designer Daddy said...

Did you include the Imaginext action figure in Ballad of the Yellow Glove? I know it's his boots that are yellow, but still (if not more) odd.

Earth 2 Chris said...

If this were a Robin blog, you'd have no shortage of instances where Robin's classic costume parts are mis-colored. Red collars, green capes, red boots, you name it, they screwed up on it!


Russell said...

I feel I should explain the old printing process to anybody who isn't familiar with it: comics used to be printed in only four colors: red, yellow, blue, and black. All other colors were mixes of those.
So of course Superman and Batman were not mixed up; their colors were primary. Aquaman's green was made up of one pass of yellow and one pass of blue. What we are seeing here is the colorist forgetting to add the blue.

Personally, I find it odder to see actual mistakes, like Green Lantern having yellow gloves or something like that.