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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Panel of the Day #662



Earth 2 Chris said...

Joe Staton doing his Gil Kane impersonation, finishing up "The Life Story of the Flash".

I never thought about it, but this image is partially based on JLGL's classic JLA style guide art.


Diabolu Frank said...

I was going to guess Kane and Tom Palmer, so glad to see the correct attribution in the comments. J'Onn's pose reminds me of a 1978 Al Milgrom fanzine cover:

Russell said...

I thought it was Gil Kane or Dick Giordano. Is "The Life Story of The Flash" worth reading?

Earth 2 Chris said...

I need to check my actual book, the more I think about it, this panel may be by Kane after all. Staton really did a good job mimicking Kane's style on this, when he finished it up when Kane fell ill.

And yes, it's a really good read!