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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Adventure Comics #210 - March 1955

Comics Weekend "The First Undersea Newspaper" by Jack Miller(?) and Ramona Fradon.

It's Adventure Sunday!

Behold, Krypto!

I'm pretty sure nothing that memorable takes place in Aquaman this month, but let's see:
Aquaman tosses the bottle into the current of the Gulf Stream, which carries it into Lydia's "News Net" which, in this case, is an actual net that she scoops out of the water in search for...well, scoops!

A shadowy man overhears Lydia read the message, which involves a plane having to dump its valuable cargo near an island. He visits his cohorts who break into the offices of The Log, smashing the equipment. Later, Lydia and her father contact Aquaman, where they are distraught over missing an issue for the first time in years. But Aquaman has a plan!

Using various materials found under the sea (giant white weeds for paper, a clam acting as a press), Aquaman "prints" the next day's edition of the paper:
...and with that, so ends another adventure for Aquaman!

Seems like Aquaman might have had quite a beneficial relationship with Lydia, if he chose to--she clearly digs him, plus he could be out there having adventures and then report them back to Lydia for her paper. Plus, Captain Cook finally gets a son, since of course they are better than daughters.

But sadly Lydia, her Dad, and The Log were never heard from again. I can only guess that using the ocean only as your AP wire really helped The Log miss some of the big stories of the day. Plus their Junior Jumbles were terrible.


Tim said...

Another great Sunday read!

Cannibal plants, sea stamps, and Aquaman swimming UP a waterfall...but best of all, the first panel on the last page where it looks like Aquaman is being shot like a cannonball out of the whale's blowhole!

Earth 2 Chris said...

Krypto's arrival means the true Silver Age isn't far behind...


Anthony said...

Quite a story.... dead seagulls being thrown (what the...?!?), a sea newspaper that's never heard of a telegraph, radio, or telephone (as a better way of getting "scoops" than a message-in-a-bottle), and a daughter who can't actually become a ship captain herself because she's a "girl" (ah, the 50s...).

Re: Superboy: this issue marks the first major Silver Age addition to Superman's mythos, with Krypto's first appearance. Used as a test dog by Jor-El, Krypto's ship got knocked off-course and wound up eventually on Earth, where Krypto gains the same superpowers his owner does. Wacky hijinks ensues.

Also of interest is this is the first Comics Code Authority-approved issue of "Adventure." Which I guess allows dead seagulls to get thrown...

Anonymous said...

Viva Krypto, er, I mean, Adventure Sunday!

Another pleasant Sunday in Aquaman-land. I agree with Rob that there was plenty of future story material with Lydia, her paper, and Capt. Cook. I could see the Capt. trying scheme after scheme to get Aquaman to propose in his quest for a son of the sea. Of course, in the modern reboot Aquaman gave up after his first proposal after Lydia revealed she was a les...nahhh, really bad idea.

The Comics Code Authority, eh? "Watch what happens when I throw a dead seagull at it."

I have a soft spot for flying dogs in capes, especially when they look so happy with their bank vaults.

James Chatterton