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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Aquaman Shrine @ NYCC 2012

Three fourths of The Aquaman Shrine staff (me, Joe, and Russell) will be--heck, by the time you many of you read this, are--attending the New York Comic Con!

I will be hunkered down at Table J14 in Artist's Alley, with my pal and Ace Kilroy co-creator Dan O'Connor, but Joe and Russell will be roaming the floor with abandon, reporting on All Things Aquaman at the show.

If any of you plan to be at the NYCC, please stop by table J14 and say hello! I'll be the one talking to Steven Spielberg about the upcoming Ace Kilroy movie.


Anonymous said...

*Sighs* I was supposed to go Friday, then my work decided to start the new shift with me tomorrow, so now I'm working Friday.... Next year hopefully.

Wings1295 said...

Hope you all have a great time!

Russell said...

I'll be in a green Aquaman t-shirt and orange dress shirt. If you see me, stop and say "Semper Aqua!" I'll be hanging around Ramona Fradon, George Perez, Ace Kilroy, or the AQUAMAN team. :-)

Joe Slab said...

@Russell --

Didn't you get the staff memo from rob! re: dress code?

We're all supposed to be in green fish-scale speedos & carrying golden tridents!

Joe Slab

aquaman said...

Can't wait! Look for a VERY tall MERA wandering the concourse and acting like a 7'2" super Heroin is of course teh way it should be!

Russell said...

it was great to finally meet you. Sorry my orange and green shirts didn't match up with your speedo outfit. Maybe next year? ;-)