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Monday, October 29, 2012

Japanese Captain Action Ad

Check out this awwwwesome Japanese Captain Action ad, from (presumably) 1968 or so. Out of the dozen or so heroic identities the good captain could assume, his Aquaman set gets the spotlight (alongside The Phantom, Flash Gordon, The Lone Ranger, Superman, and Batman), a nice reminder of how big a marquee name the Sea King was back then.

A few weeks ago, the Shrine ran a video of a kid getting a bunch of Captain Action toys for Christmas (including Aquaman) and mused whether the new line of CA toys might include a DC line, now that they have a Marvel one. While I can't say officially that this is happening, I can say it's a lot more likely now than it was then. Details to come!


Craig said...

Rob, hope you and the Aqua Crew all remember that DC's signed on with the NEW C.A.?


(Be safe in the Frankenstorm - and Happy Halloween!)

-Craig W.

Russell said...

Rob, send me a readable copy of this and I'll translate it for the Shrine. Japanese: it's what I do. ;-)

rob! said...

Unfortunately this is the biggest one I have. But I will look into it!

Russell said...

Rob, send me what you have and I will try to enlarge it to read it. I can read the middle text but the light blue is too hard to make out.

Ten dolls in One! CAPTAIN ACTION is the awesome adventurer who changes his identity freely! With one doll you can change his suit and mask and turn him into such world-famous TV heroes as BATMAN, SUPERMAN, and other popular fighters! Let's all get together and play....!

Ask at your neighborhood department store or toy-store. Prices range between Y1600 and Y1700 (which would have been about $30 at the time...!)

Michael Jones said...

2 years ago I landed a Dr. Eville Bearbrick and wrote about it (and other silly stuff) here.