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Friday, September 21, 2012

Aquaman Art Gallery: Bobby Rubio

I love this illustration, by Bobby Rubio, of Superman being pulled away from a Justice League card game by Wonder Woman, who it seems has other things in mind.

Rubio has done work in animation, currently working at a little place called Pixar (maybe you've heard of it). It's be so cool to see this illustration expanded into one of those DC Nation shorts--though I guess Green Lantern would have to lose the cigarette.

We can't see his stack of chips, so I wonder how well Aquaman is doing?


jim said...

Really delightful.

Besides, who needs a guy with X-Ray
Vision in a poker game??? lol

Wil Radcliffe said...

Considering Aquaman is the only guy at the table with telepathy, I'd assume he's doing pretty well.

aquaman said...

cool, but have to say HATE the cigarette. A cigar maybe, but hate that...otherwise I like. Aquaman seems to have a nice "duck tail"!

Russell said...

This should be on the wall of every Ramada Inn room in the country.

On black velvet.