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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A Fire and Water Crossover: "Member of the Wedding"

sgIn an effort to be as complete as possible, I try and scour every single comic book DC (and in some cases, others) has published that features the Sea King in some way.

Case in point: Wonder Woman #300, cover dated February 1983, written by Roy and Dann Thomas, drawn by Gene Colan and a host of other guest artists. The GCD listed Aquaman as appearing in this issue, so I tracked it down with the hopes I could, at the very least, get a Random Panel of the Day out of it or something.

I was happy to find that the Sea King is right on the awesome Ed Hannigan/Dick Giordano cover, a good sign (click to embiggen):
This issue's story involves Wonder Woman and The Sandman (the 1970s Jack Kirby version) fighting a creature called The Shadow-Thing, and it takes several diversions into Diana's dreams, as she imagines how different her life might have been under different circumstances (if she never left Paradise Island, if she married Superman, etc.). One segment involves Diana getting married to Steve Trevor on Paradise Island, which has to be the part where Aquaman shows up, right? Right?

I'd like to continue this post, but I can barely type through the tears of disappointment--so I'm handing this over to my Fire and Water Podcast co-host, The Irredeemable Shag, and he'll tell you the rest of the story. Head on over to FirestormFan.com for the sordid details!


Randy Meyer said...

Yeah, I've often been upset about this issue for the same reason. The thing that bugs me more than Firestorm being there is that Wondy invited Power Girl from Earth-2.

Earth 2 Chris said...

The JLA was so large at that point, that it seemed someone was always getting left out of these celebratory gatherings. It does seem weird Martian Manhunter showed up, since he wasn't even appearing in any regular comics at the time...and he was never red!!!


Maurice Mitchell said...

Drat. No Sea King in all that? How sad.

Unknown said...

I'm betting Arthur, in love with Diana himself, couldn't bring himself to attend her marriage to someone else...

Russell said...

I had this issue! I bought it because I saw the JLA on the back but then when I got it opened and it was bad art by Gene Colan, and no Aquaman, I was royally pissed. Bad, bad comic!!

Earth 2 Chris said...

I liked the Earth-One/Earth-Two Wonder Women bit that introduced Lyta Trevor, who'd later be Fury in Infinity, Inc. Other than that, kind of forgettable.