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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Adventure Comics #191 - Aug. 1953

Comics Weekend "The Aqua-Cop of the Sea!" by George Kashdan(?) and Ramona Fradon.

It's Adventure Sunday!

Isn't Aquaman already the Aqua-Cop of the Sea? Oh well, let's see:

Meanwhile, in a nearby cave, the Hot-Boat Gang are preparing another delivery of, well, hot boats, not worrying about Aquaman, who is now bogged down writing tickets and issuing fines.

When two members of the gang try to get by in their stolen boat, Aquaman stops them, saying he knows it's stolen! How? Well, while he was supposedly giving out tickets, he was secretly marking every boat that passed with a mollusk stuck to underside of it, with the boat's owner written on it. Genius!:
...and with that, so ends another adventure for Aquaman!

Sadly, the Hot-Boat Gang did not return--I think they had the makings of a bona-fide adversary for the King of the Seven Seas.

Actually, that's not true at all; this is a supremely silly story and the Hot-Boat Gang seems so lame that I have to wonder if they didn't train under Black Jack. I mean, the ocean is, as far as I know, pretty big, why steer your stolen boats past the one guy who might give you trouble? And how did they not think to check for identifying mollusks? I mean, that's just obvious.

On a side note, I like how Horace named his boat Alma after his wife. That's very sweet.


Ryan said...

Title page is fantastic. I'd like to see how this story line would fare in Geoff Johns latest issues. Ha. I don't know how the whole mollusk idea would go down.

Aquaman's finny friends seemed to have more uses in the 50's and 60's

Joseph Brian Scott said...

A Hot-Boat Gang busted by a Hot Action Aqua-Cop.

Anthony said...

Wonder if the writer just bought his first TV set and watched the old 50s show "Highway Patrol"... :-)

Re: Superboy: The plot: A juvenile delinquent who looks like Clark Kent escapes to Smallville, where Ma Kent unknowingly takes him in. Would think a mother could recognize her own son's a fake, but... :-p

Unknown said...

Viva Adventure Sunday!

I feel for Horace. Getting a ticket from Aquaman was probably the least of his problems.

Good ol' Aquaman. Not only does he kick butt as a superhero, but he shows up the Coast Guard by writing more tickets than anyone. He'd probably do my job better than me. If this happened nowadays, everybody would be auctioning their Aquaman-autographed tickets on ebay. Well, everybody except Rob.

James Chatterton

rob! said...

Yeah, I'd definitely hold onto that. No ebay profiteering for me!

rob! said...


A Hot-Boat Gang busted by a Hot Action Aqua-Cop.

Aquaman slash fiction?

Joseph Brian Scott said...

He's got a Fever for the Flava of directing boat traffic. And Wildroot Cream-Oil.