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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Young Justice Volume 3 on DVD Contest Entries!

Back in May, the Shrine launched a contest where the prize was a copy of Young Justice Season One, Volume Three on DVD, which Warner Bros. was kind enough to provide for the Shrine. All you had to to enter was submit an original drawing of the new Aqualad, with the winner decided on by all of you!

The Shrine did receive a number of entries, which we are finally getting around to posting today! So check 'em out
Aqualad #1: Andy Begin

Aqualad #2: Russell Burbage

Aqualad #3: Kieran Foster

Aqualad #4: Corey Hodgdon

Aqualad #5: Andrew Kapellusch

Aqualad #6: Scott Williams

All you have to do is pick which one is your favorite in the poll at right, which ends in one week. The winner will receive Young Justice Season One, Volume Three on DVD!

(Apologies to Andy, Russell, Kiernan, Corey, Andrew, and Scott for the delay)


profgram said...
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Sara R said...

I disagree. As an avid comics fan, #4 is exactly the kind of cover art that would draw my eye when scoping for new issues. The artist captures the feel of epic cover art perfectly and draws you in, making you want to turn the page! Kudos, as well as my vote!

Anonymous said...

Whats sad is like 3 days after I sent mine in, I got a 100 times better Idea. Oh well next time :)

Designer Daddy said...

Great work, everyone!