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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Justice League #10 - Aug. 2012

Comics Weekend "The Villain's Journey Chapter Two: The Belly of the Beast" by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and more.

The last issue of Justice League did not feature Aquaman at all, so we skipped doing a recap of it here. But this second chapter is a different story!

This issue opens three years ago with David Graves, author of Justice League: Gods Among Men, hiking the mountains of Asia. Thousands of miles away from anything, he discovers three statue-like beings called The Asuras, at the foot of a temple buried inside a mountain. He begs them for help, and they tell him to follow them inside.

We flash forward to today, finding the Sea King in the middle of a rescue:
The Justice League's civilian guises seem to cause some strife among them, with Green Lantern and Cyborg particularly disturbed. But all this is interrupted when The Flash notices how cold it's suddenly gotten in the Watchtower, followed by the appearance of David Graves, who now seems to have amazing powers.

As we saw in the previous issue, Grave has kidnapped Steve Trevor, and Wonder Woman attacks, demanding to know where he is. He deals with her rather easily, turning her into what looks like an empty husk. Batman and the other Leaguers follow, leading to the same results:
...to be continued!

While I was of course glad Aquaman showed up this month, I'm puzzled by the whole scene of reporters mocking him, which seems like a holdover from the previous incarnation of the character. Aquaman is world-famous as one of the Justice League, who are considered, as Graves' book suggests, "Gods among men." So then how did Aquaman earn such a bad reputation?


thesaturnknight said...

I'm astonished you completely neglected to mention the moment where Batman notes that Aquaman's old villain, The Scavenger, was captured and tortured by Graves. Thus confirming that The Scavenger is the unnamed 3rd Aquaman villain that Johns said he was reviving.

More importantly, if you look closely at the holographic headshot of The Scavenger? You will notice the mask is that of The Operative! It may be a deliberate red herring or it could confirm the DC solicitation that announced one of The Others will be revealed as a traitor. I suspect it will be Operative's grandson, Aaron.

Oh, and how the heck did you miss the return of Aquaman's old friend Vulko in Justice League, too? LOL!

rob! said...

Sorry my review was not up to snuff. We had a medical emergency at Shrine Central which involved visiting the emergency room which didn't leave me much time for writing a recap of this book. It was either this or post nothing, and I chose the former.

thesaturnknight said...

Oh my God. I am so sorry to hear that! I meant no disrespect, Rob. Please accept my apologies. I hope everything is alright with you and your loved ones. :(

David J. Cutler said...

You mentioned something I missed The Saturn Knight (the Scavenger bit), so your comment was appreciated by me at least.

Hope all's well, rob!

thesaturnknight said...

Thanks, David. I felt bad because I was just pointing a few things that I thought were important and that hardcore Aquafans would want to know. I meant no harm and of course, I feel terrible that rob had family in the hospital. Very sad news. I hope everything is alright. :(