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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DC Super Hero JLA Stamp - 1976

Last week I grimaced over Aquaman getting shafted yet again by Captain Marvel when it came to getting his own set of DC Super Hero stamps when they were released in 1976. So while that pain still hasn't healed, I am happy to report Aquaman did appear on a couple of the stamps, like this heretofore unseen (by the Shrine, at least) shot of Arthur with his JLA pals.

This looks like the work of Dick Giordano--which makes sense--and I love how happy and "clubby" it looks. The JLA are having a mighty nice time just hanging out and chewing the fat, probably wondering where the hell Ralph is on Class Picture Day (Aquaman has his back to Green Arrow...I think there's something to that).

Take that, Big Red Cheese!


Wings1295 said...

Cool. Another piece I don't recall ever seeing before. Looks like a future Facebook banner image, for me! :)

Andy Luckett said...

Haha it does look like Arthur and Ollie's bromance is going through a rough patch...

Unknown said...

If Ralph keeps getting the shaft like this, he's going to need his own shrine to defend him.

Call me a non-evolving traditionalist, but the big red cheese was never a member of the JLA. And neither was Plastic Man. And frankly, I'm cranky enough to deny membership privileges to anyone who joined in Detroit.

On the other hand, I think Mera would've been right up there with Hawkgirl in deserving membership. Not only did she have a cool super-suit, and courage to spare, but great super-power that was unique to her. I wonder if we can start a movement to retro-actively insert her into all JLA reprints.

Or, I could calm down and take my meds.

James Chatterton

rob! said...

I like your ideas James; do you perhaps have a newsletter I could subscribe to?