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Monday, June 11, 2012

Aquaman Shrine Fundraiser--Joe Prado Original Art!

Today The Aquaman Shrine has a very special announcement!

Over on eBay, The Aquaman Shrine is offering up a piece of *amazing* Aqua-art, courtesy of Aquaman artist extraordinaire Joe Prado!

This black and white, 11x17" original of Aquaman and Mera was generously donated by Joe specifically as a prize to raise money for The Aquaman Shrine, so we can keep on delivering more and more content on everyone's favorite King of the Seven Seas!

If you would like to bid on the piece, head on over to the eBay auction listing, which ends in one week!

Aquaman and Mera Original Art by Joe Prado

...so what are you waiting for?!?


Wings1295 said...

Good luck! Whoever wins the auction will have quite the prize!

Russell said...

Great! I went to post $50 and it was instantly out-bid. (If that was you, sorry....!) However, it's now at $202, so....WOW!! Great news, great art at a great price!