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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Splash Pages: Aquaman #35

For today we have another installment of Splash Pages, this time featuring the work of the legendary Nick Cardy!

This is the splash page from "Between Two Dooms!" from Aquaman #35. I love how Cardy manages to cram so much info and action into a tiny space, while never letting things look crowded. Also, the multiple directions this page takes the reader (left to right, right to left, then down to up) gives it such a sense of excitement, exactly the kind of thing you want for a splash page. Geez, this Cardy kid is pretty good!

For whatever reason, this story seemed to be very inspiring for Aqua-Artists. When it was reprinted in DC Super-Stars #7, Jim Aparo came up with his own killer opener:
I think it's about time for Geoff Johns write an Aquaman story called "Between Two Dooms!", don't you?

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