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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Young Justice Volume 3 on DVD!

Warner Bros. was kind enough to provide the Shrine a copy of Young Justice Season One, Volume Three on DVD--which hits the streets today--as the prize for yet another contest!

Young Justice Season One, Volume Three features four episodes of the series:



"Home Front"

Each and every episode of Young Justice has been reviewed by Shrine Correspondent Andy Luckett, so click the graphics above to read Andy's comments on the episodes that appear on this DVD!

The last time we did a Young Justice contest, the Shrine asked people to submit their ideas for possible new members, with a poll deciding whose choice was best. This time, we're leaning on the amazing number of talented artists we have out there, and asking contest entrants to simply draw, paint, or sculpt(!) a pin-up of the show's resident Aqualad, aka Kaldur. It can be any size, any medium, and feature any of the Aqua-Family or Young Justice team--but it's gotta feature Aqualad in some way!

All entries must be submitted to the Shrine by 11pm Sunday, March 18. Mail them to my email address with the title "Young Justice Contest" in the subject line. The Shrine will then post all submitted entries a few days later, and a poll voted on by fellow Aqua-Fans will decide the winner of the DVD!

As an added bonus, anyone who is not already a member of F.O.A.M. who sends in a drawing will automatically be enrolled in its hallowed halls. In addition to that, if you have a website or blog that features your creative work, the Shrine will tweet that web address to it's thousands of followers on the Aquaman Shrine Twitter feed!

The Aquaman Shrine's readership is an extraordinarily talented bunch, as each new contest reveals. We love showing off all of your work, so we can't see what dramatic interpretations of the new Aqualad you come up with. Get out your Crayons and get to work, Aqua-Fans!

If you prefer to sit back and watch the contest from the bleachers but want to own Young Justice Season One, Volume 3 on DVD--and throw the Shrine some coin in the process--you can order it via Amazon below:

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