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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Young Justice Volume 2 on DVD!

Hey folks! Young Justice: Season One Volume Two hits the streets today, and Warner Bros. has been kind enough send the Shrine a copy that we are giving away via a contest!

Young Justice: Season One Volume Two features episodes 5-8 of the series: "Schooled", "Infiltrator", "Denial", and "Downtime."
"Schooled" the team of young heroes on a mission to transport the seemingly-dormant parts of the supervillain Amazo to S.T.A.R. Labs. Of course, things aren't so simple--Amazo's creator, Professor Ivo, attempts to steal his creation back! Now reassembled, Young Justice has to take on the all-powerful robot!
"Infiltrator" features Artemis' introduction to Young Justice, which causes all kinds of problems, emotional and otherwise, among the members and their mentors. A team of assassins attack, and it takes the whole team working together to fight them off.
In "Denial", Young Justice goes on a search for the missing Dr. Fate, who has fallen into the clutches of the villainous Abra Kadabra, who is on the hunt for the all-powerful Helmet of Nabu. Not only does the team have to take on a powerful magician, but some of the team has to learn that magic is, indeed, real.
Finally, there's "Downtime", which is probably the favorite episode of many an Aqua-fan, because it focuses so heavily on Aqualad, Aquaman, and the rest of the Aqua-Family. While visiting Atlantis (and nursing a broken heart when he sees his crush Tula has developed feelings for Garth), Aqualad has to help fend off Black Manta as he tries to conquer the city for the umpteenth time. This episode features virtually every member of the Aquaman supporting cast!

So to celebrate the release of this DVD, the Shrine is having a contest! Inspired by the idea of Young Justice representing the next generation of DC heroes, all you have to do to enter to win is send an email answering this question: What character from the deep, deep bench of the DCU would you like to see join the team?

Now, the goal is not to simply suggest the oddest choice (that would be Brother Power The Geek--voiced by Emo Phillips of course), but to come up with an interesting, out-of-the-box pick that would simultaneously be surprising but also plausible. Dig out your dusty copies of Who's Who, people!

Please email your suggestions between now and 1159pm Monday, November 8th. Title the email "YJ Contest" and suggest a character and then a compelling reason why they could--nay, should--join Young Justice. I will pick the five, ten best suggestions and then on November 8th I will put all the choices up as a poll, and let your fellow Aqua-Fans decide. Whatever character suggestion gets the most votes at the end of the poll wins the DVD!

If you don't plan on entering the contest, you can own the DVD today via this Amazon link, which also throws the Shrine a couple of cents in the process:

Post Script: To get a better sense of what kind of entries the Shrine is looking for, check out my JLA Satellite blog when we ran a similar contest, "The Case of the Marvelous Member Mash-Up"!


Russell said...

Cool idea! I've already got one or two possible candidates in mind. :-)

Diabolu Frank said...

I've been putting off all cartoons since Justice League Unlimited ended (and I only watched at most half of that series.) Still, I plan on catching B:TB&TB and Young Justice as soon as I can. I really love the lean, thoroughly non-Timm designs for this show. Twenty years of samey-same got me down.