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Friday, February 17, 2012

Super Powers T-Shirt

When people ask me why I have such a grudge against Shazam!, I can point to stuff like this as Exhibit A.

Someone had to go out of their way to take Aquaman off of this, because he is on the original piece (which comes from a JLA Treasury Edition), a decision that Make Rob Angry, Make Rob Want To Smash.*

If I wanted to really petty, I could point out that Aquaman is starring in a top-selling book, while Captain Mar--oh, excuse me, it's Shazam! from now on--is still nowhere to be seen in the New 52. I think, sometimes, it's like you want to fail!

(h/t: F.O.A.M.er Jason Motes Bowles)

*Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage pointed out to me that Captain Marvel is actually on the original illustration, which appeared in the 1975 DC Comics Calendar. It was Aquaman who was added when the piece was re-used for the JLA treasury book. So, to be fair, I guess my outrage should be watered down a bit. And yet it isn't.


Richard said...

At least your guy didn't get renamed Poseidon or something by a bunch of idiot lawyers, okay? Sheesh! Way to rub it in!

I can think of one guy who showed equal respect for both Captain Marvel and Aquaman and did an equally outstanding job writing each one, Nelson Bridwell by name. He proved that a real fan can appreciate them both. ;-)

Wings1295 said...

I would have said Green Arrow should have gotten the boot! Kids from the 70s who weren't comic fans might still recall Captain Marvel. But Green Arrow? How many non-comic people are gonna ask "who's he?"

wich2 said...

>it's Shazam! from now on<

What bullshite.

The Big Red Cheese, "Genesis Era" contemporary of The Man Of Steel, and child of some legendary comics talents, is and will always be "Captain Marvel."

Even Marvel Comics' jack*ss attempt to steal the name decades later doesn't change that.


Joseph Brian Scott said...

And everyone else featured here is an established JLAer, and the Big Red Cheese wasn't! And if you wanna go the "It's a SUPER POWERS t-shirt, not a JLA t-shirt!" route, then neither Bats or Ollie have super powers! And Aquaman does! So give those two the boot and put Aquaman on there twice.

rob! said...

I like the way you think, JBS.