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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mera Trivia Answers!

Here are the answers to today's Mera Trivia Contest:

1. Mera's home-world, originally referred to as Dimension Aqua, was notably distinct from Aquaman's undersea home in that it lacked what? Fish

2. Superman & Mera have what weakness in common that blocks certain aspects of their powers? Lead

3. During Blackest Night, Mera faced off individually against Black Lantern versions of 4 of her former DCU female peers...name them! Dolphin, Hawkgirl, Jean Loring/Eclipso, Wonder Woman

4. During the epic "Search for Mera" story-line, Mera was revealed to have been kidnapped by what nefarious undersea villain?

5. Elena Satine is the answer...what is the question?
What actress played Mera on Smallville?

6. Current
Aquaman writer Geoff Johns likens his portrayal of Mera to that of a female character from a hit 2007 fantasy-action film: name the character & the film. Queen Gorgo, 300

7. Mera was created by what two creators?
Jack Miller and Nick Cardy

8. Blue or green?
Blue (eyes)

9. What Aquaman writer described Mera as "a woman from the world of dark gods"?
Peter David via The Atlantis Chronicles

10. Where did Mera (without Aquaman) meet the deadly Manta Men?
In a 1970's Hostess Fruit Pie Ad

Our winner, with eight correct answers out of ten, is F.O.A.M.er Rick Duncan! Rick, email the Shrine to claim your prize--a copy of Aquaman #18!

Thanks to every one who entered and/or retweeted the contest. We hope you enjoyed it!



Wings1295 said...

Congrats Rick!

Joe Slab said...

To see all the entries, please scroll down to the original post and view the comments section!

Thanks again everyone--

Joe Slab

Jacob atom said...

Awesome job Rick! Holy geez!

r duncan said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words. It's a very nice prize, Rob and Joe.

rob! said...



Thank Joe, it was all his idea!

Orin's dad said...

What a great idea! Well done rob! and Joe. And very well done to you too, Rick!

Andy Luckett said...

Great idea for a contest/challenge, Joe and rob!

Congratulations, Rick!

Yay, I can post comments again! (My computer has been a bit wonky on that point lately.)