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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Undersea Mera

These real life undersea photos of Brightest Day Mera are courtesy F.O.A.M.er Barry Fackler!

Barry hails from Hawaii, and every so often sends photos in to the Shrine featuring Aquaman and/or Mera enjoying the warm climes of the 50th state. Here's the story behind these pics from Barry himself:

"Aloha Rob! Some time back I promised you some underwater photos of the Brightest Day Mera action figure. Multiple difficulties slowed me down, not the least of which has been the excellent winter surfing conditions we've been having here. Good surfing equals bad diving so opportunities have been scarce. However, this weekend afforded favorable conditions so off I went with Mera in my pocket.

Somewhere between the time Mera arrived in the mail and the present, I
misplaced her trident. That, plus the figure's limited range of motion in its articulations made dynamic posing almost impossible. As such, I chose to position Mera on a coral head perhaps looking pensively towards Atlantis. Certainly, a heroine with a lot to reflect upon. I Photoshopped her facial features to make them a little less fierce and also Photoshopped the articulations to make them a little less mechanical-looking.

It would be great if Mattel produced a DC Universe Classic Mera
modeled after the Nick Cardy version. Aside from the nostalgia, the DC Universe figures have great articulations that make dynamic poses underwater much easier. Anyway, three underwater photos of Queen Mera are attached. Also attached is one photo of our dog, Mera, who we adopted seven months ago. All our previous dogs were named for figures from classical mythology: Cassiopea, Perseus and Andromeda. I had discussed with my wife that superheroes are the mythological beings and gods of our modern age and so she thought Mera would be a good choice as we are pretty much connected to the sea ourselves. Anyway, keep up the great work!"

Here is the Mera in question, who is just as beautiful as the Queen of the Seven Seas:
I love getting these missives from Barry; they are like the proverbial messages in a bottle from a place I'd dearly love to visit. And naming your dog Mera? That's a fan!

If we ever do have an Aquaman Shrine Con, can we hold it at your house Barry?



Unknown said...

Absolutely! That would be a lot of fun!

Suicidal Squirrel said...

That 2nd Mera pic has some ghetto booty!!

rob! said...

Awesome--I'm going to hold you to that, Barry. :) I wanna meet Mera!

Wings1295 said...

Awesome pics of Mera & Mera! Cool stuff!

Alys said...

If you do the Aquacon, I vote for the 1st week of July 2012. I'll be in Kona anyways ;) Great pictures, Barry! Mera the puppy is adorable!